*Welcoming The Green Inside*


I’ve not been shy about my love for all things nature.

I’ve also not been shy about my love for all things green. In the color sense as well as the environmental sense.

Some of the best greens inside our house, started outside.


I could cut for days and in our yard…so much to choose from.IMG_4272

Just some green stuff…being green. and FREE too.

Seeing green makes me happy.

I have a favorite (and kinda new) plant to cut from now…

I planted this Papyrus plant on the lanai back in May.


It is enormous now.


And it makes the coolest cuttings!!


In the guest shower above and on our shower ledge below.


I suppose I like showering while surrounded by nature. Minus the bugs thankyouverymuch. 

Do you invite green INSIDE your house too?

24 thoughts on “*Welcoming The Green Inside*

  1. Anonymous

    My silly cats eat anything I bring in! I sure love the plants on your lanai. Love the way you display your green cuttings around your home – very pretty!


  2. Are those wine corks in that big glass container? 🙂 I collect corks too. I like greens too but I seem to kill most plants. I have managed to keep this one plant alive that we got when my husband and I first got married but now that I write that maybe it's him keeping it alive?I love the way you bring the green inside…very nice Suz!Hope you Wednesday is wonderful!


  3. Green is my favorite color. I especially love green eyes. I don't cut any green things outside but I do buy flowers at the market. Even when they are totally NOT in the budget. They just make our home seem happier. I am sucker for happy! XO


  4. I do love bringing green inside. We have plants everywhere in the house! There isn't a room in the house that doesn't at least have one plant in it, and come winter, there will be even more. All the plants that were taken outside during the summer will have to find a home indoors, wish me luck…


  5. Ooooh, papyrus. Pretty, pretty.I drag all kinds of stuff inside. There are usually lots of flowers blooming in the garden and herbs and bushes that never mind giving up a cutting or two.But…oooh. Papyrus. Pretty.


  6. Funny you asked: I love fresh-cut flowers, but I don't like house plants (except the orchid – but even so, Gregg takes care of it!). However, this year, some of the flowers in our yard had teeny, tiny GREEN bugs on them! When I cut the flowers and put them in a vase inside the house, within a short time, there were little green bugs hopping here and there, like tiny grasshoppers. ICK. So I've left the flowers outside for most of the season.


  7. Hi There, I love 'greenery' in the house also—but I've been known to bring BUGS in at times. YIPES!!!!!In late Fall, some of our outside potted plants go to the garage… AND–some of them come in the house –to sit by the sliding glass door in the dining room (where they can get sun all winter). ANYHOO—I have to work hard to make sure that there are no bugs in those plants I bring inside… And–that is NOT always easy!Love your 'greenery' in your bathroom…. Hugs,Betsy


  8. I like green, but not plants. I kill everything I try to grow. And if it's already dead and brought in to look all pretty (like cut flowers) then it bothers my asthma. Or the cat tries to eat it. So we've declared the 'flower giving' years officially over. *sad face*


  9. Well I do love to bring home lots of green broccoli from the produce store (in my eco friendly bags) :-DWe're surrounded by green here in the country, my soul finally sings. Ah!You have such a beautiful home busy bee!!


  10. nope, in fact i chase those pesky critters around with a fly swatter!!but my bean she brings things in her pockets!! crawly fuzzy things to prickly things to green and orange leaves for her leaf collection!! she has no fear i tell ya, but don't video tape me doing her laundry!!nothing funnier than a 200 pound woman screaming while tossing a size 4t pants through the garage!!


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