Lazy Eyes



On Sundays I usually don’t put in my contact lenses.

Not because I need to give my eyes a break, but because I am too lazy to put them in.

It takes an entire minute and a half. 

Am I too busy to give up a minute and a half? yeah, that is funny.

So all day long I can’t see much.

If only I took the time to put in my contacts, then at least I could find my glasses. And see stuff too.

Did I miss anything good yesterday?


I did something that I have never done before. I joined a group. NaBloPoMo.

I am usually not a follower or group joiner. Did you hear that CULTS?

Thanks to the peer pressure of some others. I won’t mention any names but….oh, never mind it was Clippy and ChiTown. They cornered me in the alley and made me smoke and drink join.

So, the deal is to post November.

aye aye yi yi. I don’t usually post more than 4 days a week, so this will be a challenge.

The reason I DON’T post on more days, is because I can’t READ on more than those days. I will try. I will keep it short and sweet too. unlike this lengthy explanation…..

Tata for now.

Happy Monday.

Happy November ya’ll!

27 thoughts on “Lazy Eyes

  1. Anonymous

    Good Morning Suzanne! I always notice that most men do not shave on Saturdays….that way they have soooooo much more time to do chores!!!!! Wishing you a fab Monday!


  2. There's just something special about relaxing on the Weekends…. Sometimes I don't even get dressed all morning… SO–keeping the contacts out can just be special also. SO–who needs to read anyhow???? ha ha Good Luck with having to post everyday… I used to do it–but it got to be too hard to keep up with the comments… It wasn't the posting 'cause I could always think of something to say.. it was trying to go to others' blogs –and that got very hard… SO–I take the weekends off and love it… Hugs,Betsy


  3. have fun with it! I tried something like that a while back, I succeeded then I burned out! I hope you find a way to have fun and not put too much pressure on yourself!!! I mean that too (afraid this is sounding like a negative comment and it is NOT meant to be at all)


  4. Well be honest Suz, I cornered you in the alley but it was ChiTown who actually took your lunch money.btw, thank goodnes I had my glasses on when I read this… my eyes played tricks on me at one point.saying no more.:-)


  5. I think I'd like a lazy eye right now! I think I have pink eye instead…figures! LOL! Can't wait to see all your November posts – I know they will be funny and I expect to see lots of cute photos of Cocoa & Ozzie. (Oh, and Marvin my cat has a request to see your kitties!)


  6. I don't think I could come up with a post for every day of the month. It would quickly come down to recipes and pictures of the cat, I'm afraid. But I'm sure you'll do great with this and have fun and bee funny, cuz that's who you are. Looking forward to November…no pressure. LOL


  7. 🙂 I like these kind of blog challenges.Sometimes i am to lazy to put my contacts in too, but i have to wear my glasses, i am almost blind without them!!!That is a real cute picture of the flowers and the pups tush! ❤ Gina


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