Cleanliness is next to….


…clean stuff of course.

Are you guys sick of my posting I am sick of me, so you must be too.

A few peeps chuckled at the fact that I cleaned my 12 ft. tall living room/entry drapes last week.

If it makes you feel better it was the first time I cleaned them….in 11 years.

So that pretty much makes me a sloppy slacker.

Really, only the bottoms needed the cleansing, because they puddle on the floor.…and since I can’t take them down, I improvised.


Spray spray spray.

Dunk dunk dunk.


Dry Dry Dry.

I did one panel a day for 4 days.

I was a bit scared because of the delicacy of the fabric…but they came out beautifully.

I won’t wait another 11 years. Promise.


Each day now, as I saunter past them, I pick up a panel and take a deep whiff….awwwww clean.

That is not weird, I just know it.

Oh, and you saunter too, right? 

I also did a bit of an update on my {home depot special} dining room chandelier.





Not an extreme makeover, but it is enough to make me happy.

$even bucks worth of trim and some liquid stitch….I am a cheap date I tell ‘ya.

More stuff was made-over this weekend…but I don’t want to bore you to tears all in ONE day…so we will spread out your crying fits.

How was your weekend?

Did you get out a glue gun, garden gloves or fans for your drapes???

If you did, then I sure as heck hope you took photos for evidence!

Until tomorrow my peeps….

23 thoughts on “Cleanliness is next to….

  1. Nope, not sick of you posting every darn day…lol….I like how creative you were in cleaning your drapes…and yes I saunter around my house all of the time :)…I like your little makeover of the chandelier…my weekend was glue guns or garden gloves…soon though we will be working on the dungeon and it will not be pretty. 🙂 Hope your Tuesday is terrific!


  2. I'm not tired of your postings either. I think this is watch. I don't think I could think up fun stuff to say every day. But you aren't having any troubles. Stretch out that blog fodder, girl!I love those little makeovers. They perk up the house and the spirits, don't they?!


  3. Suz!! Who could EVER get sick of YOU!? I look forward to your silly posts everyday to make me smile! Nice job on the makeover. I'm impressed. I can't believe you even attempted to clean those drapes. You're my hero!


  4. Anonymous

    Such pretty drapes and oh, I love the smell of \”clean!\” My cats would destroy the delicate fabric on the bottom of the drapes by now! Love the trim on the lampshades. Enjoy your day.


  5. You are clever AND resourceful. It must help to have a balmy climate most all year to dry those gorgeous drapes. Here, it's too cold for that sort of natural-drying-thing 9 months out of 12. (But Your Greenness will be happy to know that I use a laundry-drying rack out on our deck as much as I can in the summer.)Love the braid trim on your chandelier. Very nice touch!


  6. I look forward to your posts, so don't stop! I also did an update this weekend. New blinds, comfortor, bed skirt, decorative pillos for the bedroom. A trip to Hobby Lobby for some new silk flowers and the look is complete. And what did my husband say,\”Why change the bedroom, so one sees it but us?\” Men just don't understand!


  7. i cannot believe you went 11 years without washing those drapes?! don'tcha know they should be washed every 10 1/2 years?? anyway, your system seemed to work 🙂 i will saunter & smell them next time i am there, ok? and the makeover? fantastic! can't wait to see what else you've been busy with! miss you!


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