Nurse Nightingale is pooped.

So bleddy tired.

I’ve had little sleep. I am not the type of girl who can go without…I get bloody cranky. Speaking of blood….

The “new dog” has slowed down on her bleeding. She has not slowed down on chasing the cats though….anyhoo. I think we might have a good result in our dilemma with her too. Fingers crossed. Her vet visit yesterday went pretty well.

Other bloody news…our sweet Ozzie had his bladder surgery yesterday. The good news: He is fine. Groggy…peeing blood, but fine. (he left me seven puddles of bloody pee throughout the house so far…Pain meds + booboo pen*s= accidents. thank you for tile floors!) Bless his little boxer head, he can’t help it.

The bad news: when the Dr. got into his bladder…his stones WERE GONE. He passed them over the weekend.

The surgery was wasted time, money and pain/suffering. What’cha  gonna do? Nothing. Whine. Wine. Cry. Wine. And pee blood.

The vet wanted to keep him overnight…I just could not leave him there ALL ALONE all night. I preferred to clean up his puddles through the night instead.  That is what any insane woman would choose.

Back to the vet this morning to take out his IV thingy and for a check…all is well. He will have staples for two more weeks.

I’ve had to wash three dog beds, cause he does not know when his lil’ thing is leaking…But he is still smiling with his silly sweet face.


Lucky for him, he does not mind me kissing him 100 times a day. Today, he’ll get 101. 

He’ll get those 101 in between my washing/drying and steam mopping the house.

My thought for today: It never ends. Smile

Tomorrow, I promise no whining from me.


22 thoughts on “Nurse Nightingale is pooped.”

  1. Oh my gosh. I think you deserve an award, a spa day AND a dinner out for all of this work. You are one of the best pet-moms in the country! I hope they know how good they have it.


  2. Oh girl. I'm sorry. I need nine hours to be at the top of my game….OK, probably more like 12…but 9 makes me kinda/sorta functional.I hope things are better today.


  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! “…cause he does not know when his lil thing is leaking….” Ha ha ha! I just cannot stop laughing at that sentence. Hey Ozzie sweetie, don’t you worry, we are ALL going to be in a situation similar to yours one day, where we won’t know our “lil’ things” are leaking either. Wait. Come to think of it, I might have had some of those days already, especially when yo mama makes me laugh out loud! Woohoo! Can’t wait for that day. I only hope I can pull it off as regally as Ozzie does. You are the sweetest mama bear, Suz, bless you for looking after your critters so lovingly. As for White Heat, well… I’ve never had an intact dog, so I have ZERO experience with Aunt Flo’s visit to le doggies. I’ve got a hard enough time keeping Aunt Flo in check when she visits ME, sheesh! Ozzie gets 102, please? One from me…pretty please? xoxo


  4. I'm glad your baby is doing ok. Stinks on the wasted surgery though. Bum-mer! So sorry you're cleaning things up from every possible 'opening'. : p Hoping things slow down soon! But I're a good doggie mommy! : )


  5. Hi Suz, I'm glad that Ozzie is better –but sorry that they had to do the surgery at all. What's the status on the 'new dog'??? Is your family going to win that battle??? Strange though since you are the one who has to take care of them –and clean up after them… Hope you have a better day tomorrow.. Get some REST.Hugs,Betsy


  6. Oh the things we do for our furry babies. Hope he recovers soon!!PS – I have a thing against white boxers too. They just don't appeal to me…something about that pink-y look around there eyes. I have the same problem with bunnies with pink eyes.


  7. Oh, poor Ozzie. Give him #102 kiss from Harriet and me! Hope things settle down for you soon. I'm trying to train our animal crew about bathroom habits in the new house. I finally just left the steam mop OUT!


  8. Dang… I would be whining with a MEGAPHONE! :)When we got Ruby, our rescue dog, we brought her in to get her spayed (because of course the vet said she hadn't been spayed)… well, guess what…? After they anesthetized her, shaved her tummy and OPENED HER UP…. lo and behold, she'd been spayed! OOPS! Waste of money, time, etc. So, I feel your pain (irritation), etc. Whine on, sistah, whine on!And go get some SLEEP…. you're the engine that makes that family GO… and the engine has to be able to go… 🙂


  9. Being \”Nancy Nurse\” to dogs is even harder than to children or sick husbands! Glad things seem to be working out and hope you can catch up on your much-needed rest. Don't forget to take care of YOU as well!


  10. Poor Ozzie! Please give him a kiss for me too.I had no idea white boxers existed. Interesting. I look forward to hearing more about what happens with her. Poor thing. And yes, you are a good dog mom, and step-mom.


  11. You are a good caregiver – – to the two-legged and the four-legged mammals in your home. You have a kind, kind heart. We have difficulty leaving our pets overnight after surgery, too. They recover much more quickly at home.


  12. awww, he looks soooo cute, you can give him extra kisses from me and morgan too. just for undergoing an un-needed surgery. poor lil fella. and i bet those stones passed with great pain, too. i don't even want to think of that!!! no wonder he was so sad before. and your vet should of done one more xray or something just to make sure the stones were still in there. geez…they do move around. and poor you, not sleeping and cleaning alllllll day loooooong. its like having 3 babies. again. i hope all works out for the other lil baby too. for whatever your family decides. its a hard decision. but whatever you decide, will be the right thing. take care, xxxx bee good, get rest!!


  13. Poor Ozzie. A real shame he had the surgery after passing the stones. You can whine a little about the cleaning up. Whining helps a body feel better, I find.


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