Junk in the trunk and Rolling along.

Happy Friday!

I'm comfortable

Sent to me via email: “I am comfortable, thanks for asking”


I was dumbstruck yesterday when I saw the storm damage in Alabama and surrounding states. I just want to help all the victims there!!!!  So heartbreaking. Prayers for all those in need.


*Someone* went to the Dr. this week for a mysterious skin growth.

*Someone* left the Dr. knowing that she had gained too much weight and needs to get some junk out of her trunk.

Now that’s embarrassing.


If you can’t get your tights up over your hips…you need to skip the morning cookies.

‘nuff said.


Well, I must go easy on Cocoa now…because I had ONE OF THOSE DAYS yesterday. I worked in the yard in the morning and the rest of the day I spent going from the fridge to the pantry. And then the pantry to the fridge. and so on…and so on…I could not find anything that tasted good…so I kept on trying. ALL.DAY.LONG.

By 7pm, I felt like this:

And today, I am full AND I want a French bulldog. Even if the Coach says they look like pigs who mated with aliens. That would be a palien. Or an aliepig. Oink.


Have a beautiful weekend doing something fun, unless it involves cookies. I’m just sayin’…..



33 thoughts on “Junk in the trunk and Rolling along.

  1. oh, and BTW, coach? um, if French bulldogs look like a type of alien or pig, what do, um, boxers look like? Because, well, we have a lab and a beagle, sort of basic looking dogs, and boxers, to us, look sorta like an alien dog with the head of a turle…ahem….


  2. Poor Cocoa! Cookies? Did someone say cookies? I am assuming it is not Cocoa who has to stay out of the cookies…I've been doing Atkins for almost a month because I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Oy vey! Carbs are out, eggs are in…


  3. I wanted to see the puppy finally roll over – – – it didn't even bark for help or anything.Your dog sure does love you a bunch.I think Cocoa looks kind of cute – – a little upset that she allowed such indignity – – but otherwise she is a good model!Who has the skin growth – – – person or animal? Will it be okay?


  4. I hope Cocoa wets her pants, I mean tights.I love that little puppy. I wonder how long he rocked. I played a youtube of a dog howling and JJ chimed in….on key!! I never knew he could howl!!!! Can't tell you how proud I was.Oh and you had a reception at the Elks? We had dinner at a place called Brotherton's Chicken House. Yeah, picture THAT!


  5. Speaking of \”Junk in the Trunk\” —I have WAY too much… I got sorta lazy after my knee surgery and now I'm having to face reality… GADS!!!! I joined Weight Watchers online 2 weeks ago –which is great since you don't have to go to meetings, etc… I am doing really good (lost about 4 pounds in 2 weeks)–and poor George has lost some also–whether he wants to or not…. haThe biggest change for me is adding LOTS more fresh veggies and fruits –and cutting out most of the carbs….Good Luck.. Have a nice weekend and enjoy some fresh pineapple or strawberries.Hugs,Betsy


  6. poor cocoa baby!! give her some cookies for making her wear that outfit!! she doesn't even look like a dog!! lol and we have days that we binge….sorry, that we eat more than we should. its ok, just don't eat the next four days…k? your good. but poor lil cocoa girl, she looks so pitiful….feed that underfed lil angel, wouldja?? k, thanks. xoxoxox


  7. i LERVE that lil doggie stuck on his [yes it's a boy i looked, perv] back and i SO desperatley need to help him roll OVAH..then i will smother him wiff kisses… thanks, suz. thanks fer puttin such evil images in me head. i can't sleep now…


  8. The cat!! My cats would do that in the catnip…I could never grow it past 4\” as they would roll in it and then fall asleep in the planter…although it was usually a barrel and not a 10\” clay pot!Happy Saturday!


  9. you are ALWAYS there, somehow, when I need a timely pick-me-up giggle… collected dad's ashes on thursday and have been feeling low since…have just read this post and LAUGHED.OUT.LOUD!! on seeing Cocoa and again {but with a bit more sympathy} on seeing the cute bulldog {somehow trying desperately to ESP the roll-over vibe to him} all whilst munching{or should I say slurping} on dunked cookies!!I love you Mrs! Thankshugs all the way from me to youhello gorgeous xxx


  10. We have two bags of malted milk balls left over from Easter. I have told Bing about a hundred times that she needs to take them school NOW. I just hope that I have enough will power to get through the weekend.


  11. OMgosh, that has got to be one of the funniest videos I've ever watched. All the folks here at Starbucks think I've gone off my rocker with the chuckling. I LOVE those little weird looking Frenchies too. Only ever seen them in pictures and not in person though. There is one names Brutus who is soooo cute doing his obedience exercises. You have to go see his blog Suz!! Now, about chubbers, errr, I mean Cocoa…She doesn't look overweight to me. Really. Her tummy isn't hitting the ground yet (like mine)! Have a good weekend. xx


  12. Hahaha, I LOVE those pictures!! Cocoa cleans up nice! Cats are so funny, they do love their enclosed spaces, don't they? I hate those days when nothing satifies…hope you finally found what hits your sweet spot. Hope you have a great weekend!


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