Toilet doll heads, elbow pits, a panda face and cuteness!

Are you all excited? My Mom is flying here today. Yes!!!! She has wings. 
 If you had wings…if you had wings…if YOU had wings.
I’ve been a busy little soul getting ready for Mom and for Thanksgiving. How many of you are coming for dinner?? It really rubs me raw when you don’t RSVP.
I lied up there. I really have not been getting ready for Thanksgiving. I’ve just been busy doing regular stuff….and I’ll worry about Thanksgiving on Tuesday. Or Wednesday.

What’s the worse that can happen?? We don’t eat for a day???
Oh, there is no one in this house who could not go without food for a day and not benefit from it!
I swear, I just channelled my Grandma with that last line.
It’s a downward spiral from here. Soon, these will all adorn our toilet tanks.

Lo had blood drawn the other day…she called me and said:

“They took 5 vials of blood! It didn’t hurt, but they could NOT get blood out of my elbow pit, they had to get it from my hand.”

I knew exactly what she meant by elbow pit. 
Do you?


Someone has a flair for hair. and hats. But not hat hair.

Feelin’ the fedora.

Rockin’ the panda.
You’ll never guess what store we were in.
I could never look that cute with a panda face on my head.

And just so you don’t spend the rest of the day thinking about Doll heads on the back of your toilet tank, ELBOW PITS or PANDA faces on my head, I leave you with a moment of cuteness.

Was that a collective ahhhhhhhhh that I just heard? I thought so.

Have a beautiful weekend doing whatever it is that you do. 
When I count my blessings…I count each and everyone of YOU.

19 thoughts on “Toilet doll heads, elbow pits, a panda face and cuteness!

  1. awwhhhh – – – for the dogs – – – but more the fact you are thankful for us – – – as we are for you and your \”cuteness\” with words that makes us all smile!Why five vials of blood? Why did they take that from your sweet girl? Did the vampire not gets its fix on Halloween?Sorry I did not RSVP – – – we will be at our daughter's in Copperhill, TN – – – up on a mountain!


  2. Suz, right after lunch today, I'm going to start walking down to your place for Thanksgiving. Consider this my RSVP. However, if you don't see me by dinner time, please start without me. I'll just pick through the leftovers.m.


  3. Have fun with your Mama! That is going to be a great cause for Thanksgiving.Love the toilet-paper doll – I had forgotten about those. The thumbnail from my sidebar kind of made it look like a birthday cake…is that giving you some dessert ideas?Yes, I knew what she meant by the \”elbow pit.\” If the phlebotomist (showing off here) has trouble in the future, let her know that she can always as for a supervisor to take over. I cannot stand it when they poke and prod anyone's veins!I can't write what I was thinking about the dog photo, but let's just say that I was trying to figure out who's on top. If it's Cocoa, she might want to move her head, just a tidge.I have a friend whose nickname is \”Panda,\” and she would LOVE that hat!


  4. I hope its not too late to RSVP. I promise to do my best to see that there aren't too many leftovers to tept the people of the house. I suspect that you really would look as cute with a Panda on your head as Linds does.Have a great Thanksgiving.


  5. Hi There, IF we get down to FL in January (we're talking about it)to visit G's son and family near Tampa, we want to go to the keys (since neither of us have ever been there)… Are the keys pretty in January????I certainly know where the elbow pit is —and they had trouble getting an IV in me there also when I was in the hospital…. Fun fun …Enjoy your Mom…Hugs,Betsy


  6. Only wings here are on Maxi pads…and that toilet paper lady cover…AHHHH! I hated those as a kid and still do as an adult…whoever thought of that had waaaaay to much time on their hands.As for those doggies…such cuteness!


  7. just catching up and seeing your beautiful new blog look! did you do it yourself?! love it!! that doll head thing scares me. it will be a good way to keep people from visiting. rsvp for 12… what time is dinner?!


  8. Awwww, to all of the blog info this day. Tell your Mom I said hello and I'm soooo thankful she went through all the forgotten (ya,right) pain to bring such an awesome daughter into my life. Even though we're millions of footsteps away from each other and you have a thing for bugs….btw, you'll find room for the food. And the loo toppers. And enlighten me on the pit thing…


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