Kiss my grits! {and shrimp}

Several months ago I posted on facebook about how angry I was with Cracker Barrel; surely you saw it on CNN.
Yes, I had a beef  grit with them; a bone shrimp to pick.
As the story goes, we were planning on meeting friends for breakfast at CB the morning after a concert. All I could think about was Shrimp and grits,  for they (CB) made me love them. MADE ME.
That morning I was told every so meanly politely that they NO LONGER HAD THEM ON THE MENU.
I was as peeved as a one handed woman paying full price for a manicure.
SO, as a revenge to CB I made them myself.

And they rocked. 
Who’s sorry now Mr/Mrs Cracker Barrel?
On our vacation last week I again had a hankering for shrimp and grits and did I ever get my fill…
I nibbled on shrimp and grits in Orlando.
I devoured shrimp and grits in Charleston.
I slurped  enjoyed shrimp and grits in Savannah.
I could eat them on a boat, I could eat them while I float.
I could eat them on vacation, I could eat them on a satellite station. 
Ok, a poet I am NOT. But a shrimp and grit eater, I AM.
Shrimp fear me.
Grits run when I name is mentioned. 
yah, runny grits. ewww.

15 thoughts on “Kiss my grits! {and shrimp}

  1. I have a bone to pick with you! Now that you brought up the whole BBQ/grill debate (okay, let me stand corrected–I realize it's not a DEBATE, per se, it's more of a real issue!), I am hearing all of my fellow Californians talking about BBQing things, and, \”Come over and BBQ,\” etc. etc.!!! It is almost like nails on a chalkboard and yet it still feels so very RIGHT to me! Aaaaaackkk! As my kids like to jokingly tell me, \”YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!\” Love, BBQ Sus


  2. Oh My… You put Cracker Barrel to shame. The ones you made look awesome…Too bad for Cracker Barrel. When are you opening your restaurant????As a southern girl, I have NEVER liked grits.. Shame on me.. Right??? I'm not crazy about RICE either… BUT–I love SHRIMP–especially FRIED…. haHugs,Betsy


  3. You are related to Dr. Seuss – – – – makes sense if your name is Suz . . . If I come to your house or go out to eat with you – – ever – – PLEASE do NOT cook or order that for me. I don't like either shrimp or grits. I would not eat them in my socks. I would not eat them with a fox! However, I am really happy that you love and loved them! You deserve that treat.


  4. I'm sure yours were the healthiest ones in the post! : ) You, my friend, can have my portion of shrimp and grits if it ever comes to that. Not. My. Thing. But you go girl! : )


  5. I never tried them. I did have some to die for shrimp this week at everybody's favorite seafood restaurant. I know you wish you could be a jet setter like me and hit up the Purple Crab with Naji, Bria, Jonny and Kaish in tow, dontcha?


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