Oopsie Daisy.

~Or Oopsie Garden~

Any minute now…the garden police will be at my door demanding that I turn in my Garden License.
Ironically, the Garden Po-Po will be wielding a billy club in the shape of an asparagus spear.
 a deadly asparagus spear.

This is what happens when you don’t watch the news, check the weather updates or pretty much keep yourself under a rock.

The garden went from this:

To this.  Yeah, I gasped loudly and then almost shat myself.

I had no idea it was going to get that cold. (low 40’s)
I woke up in the middle of the night to piddle and I noticed that the pool pump turned itself on.

I thought: “Uh oh, that only comes on if there is a possibility of a freeze”
And this is the ‘good’ side of the garden.

This is the not so good side. Ughh….

I’m hoping, praying and I might even do some weird Indian Garden dance.
(then I’ll cover it up for the next cold snap!)

I have a few plants in pots that seem to not have noticed the cold, so I’m not a complete failure. You know, I’m just a “partial kind-of gardening” failure.

Oh well.

At least my hair is pretty.
(ok, I’m getting my hair done TODAY, so it WILL be pretty)

You can’t cry over garden disasters.
Or can you?
Blah, pass the Puffs.

21 thoughts on “Oopsie Daisy.

  1. oh no!!!!! you must not have been out & about to see the community entrances covering their plants?!?! heads up: they were doing it again this morning. gonna be coooold tonight!!!!


  2. It hurts your heart to see the plants die – – – but better for them to freeze than one of your own family. You may have mentioned before but what do you do when the garden produces really well – – – freeze or can any of it or give it all away – – – or have the family eat it until they wonder how much more is growing? Just curious.


  3. I'm truly sorry about your garden, but (I confess) I am snickering into my sleeve a little bit about the shock of WINTER temps in the 40s. That may seem cold to you (and your plants), but it's not to us up here! I read recently that your area is one of the most desirable places to retire, so we may have to come and check it out one of these days. But how do you cope with the humidity?


  4. Anonymous

    Yes! My husband was telling me that he had a co-worked down in Australia with him from some part of Florida and that they had lots of snow. (I think \”lots\” was in Florida terms.) surprising! Your poor garden! But wow, those tomatoes were really hanging on! They are breaking out the 80's Karaoke and singing a little Kim Wilde 🙂


  5. Oh My—so sorry… Since we are constantly growing something in the yard, we keep a HUGE eye on the weather at all times… Some plants can make it through cold weather (as long as there is no frost). BUT–tomatoes need the warm/hot weather… I'm sorry… That's a lesson learned the hard way… So sorry.Bet your hair is PURDY…. Show us a photo.Hugs,Betsy


  6. NOOOOOO! Oh, those tomatoes looked so good too. It's supposed to get cold up here again tonight so I'll be out covering the fruit trees and moving the patio plants under the lanai. I know I shouldn't complain about weather in Florida, but it sucks when all of your plants and landscaping is not meant to go dormant in the winter. I tried to explain to someone the other day that there is a very real difference down here between dormant and dead. Sorry for you and your garden.


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