The Coach’s birthday extravaganza; complete with a visit to the pot store.

I feel like I’ve slipped into a blogging hole.
I have SO much I want to share, but have a hard time getting to it.
What have I been doing? 
I could tell you, but then again, I could also NOT tell you.
I’m super secretive. HA

Finishing up Coach’s birthday trip in a nutshell.

Some of the other things besides archery, fly fishing, spa-ing and eating that we did in Wyoming was:

The boys shot sport clays. They enjoyed it and dang, they’re handsome. 
 On a morning walk at the lodge, Kelly and I witnessed the moving of 400 sheep! Two cowboys and several dogs moved this gang along the dirt road…..they were so vocal!

We left Wyoming, drove south to our next destination;  
Gateway, CO. I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone for my love. 
We took a UTV tour through rough. [ROUGH} terrain, along deep {DEEP} canyons…..the Coach is a good driver, but I was white nuckle-ing it. 
Sample photo of an UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)
I’m terrified of heights….and there were many heights!
 The view at the top was well worth the chance of dying. 
The resort gave us bikes to use on the property. Mine was metallic orange!
The morning of Coach’s 50th birthday; we rode our bikes to a helicopter pad. We were flown from the resort to an airport near Arches National Park in Utah. 
 We were picked up there by a driver and he gave us a tour of Arches park. We stopped for a picnic lunch. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. 
Remember that comfort zone that I’d previously stepped out of ? Well getting into an helicopter took all my will power….but surprisingly, it was fabulous. 
I enjoyed every minute of our trip in the air. (30 minutes each way) Helicoptering is way better than air planing.
I now need a helicopter. (FYI, my birthday is 9/10 if you’d like to get together on a group gift!)

 This was the view from our patio at our casita in CO. Not too shabby. There were even horses in our backyard….oh, and wild turkeys. Gobble!

 I’m sure you’re wondering if we stopped in one of the bajillion dispensaries while in CO? Well, yes we did. We’re so nosy and didn’t know what the heck to expect. Pretty neat really; it’s like walking into a really clean (and maryjane smelling) pharmacy/store. 
Did I purchase anything?
Well, I almost bought the girls a canabis coloring book….but then I’d have to buy sharpies or colored pencils to go with and by this point I was on a contact high; couldn’t get myself together for all that.

10 thoughts on “The Coach’s birthday extravaganza; complete with a visit to the pot store.”

  1. I don't know how Coach is going to top that for your own big birthday. I do believe I would have bought a few cookies. Always wondered if you get the same feeling as you get when smoking a doobie. (Not that I would know, of course.) I get high enough breathing the air at outdoor concerts.


  2. what a great birthday extravaganza! i would have been super scared on the cliffy areas with my husband driving…he's a good driver but then he's more of a road driver so that would concern me! you are a total sport, 2 major scary things conquered and overcame like a champ! love that view you have, that rock formation is crazy! and i also love that they gave you bikes, how cute and fun!! i seriously want an invite to your next extravaganza!! happy belated to your hubby!


  3. Oh my word!!!! I am going to organize the group gift now. Just think, if we can gather 20 people we would probably only need to contribute $3,000 a person. Who can't afford that for a good friend like you?!?!I'm so glad you are happy. Sending love from Pennsylvania.


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