The one where Lolo turns 26.

My favorite firstborn daughter turned 26 on Saturday.
I’m not even kidding when I say: That escalated quickly!
When your babies are babies, older people warn you that it goes by fast, and unlike the old adage of walking uphill backwards through the snow to school,  they weren’t exaggerating.

Lolo was such a ball of energy. ON.THE.GO. Nonstop toddler action.
I thought I might lose my marbles and declared that she would be an only child. 
Thank goodness someone had other plans because I can’t imagine only having one girl; in hindsight, I wish we had ONE more because the first two turned out so well. 
She’s always been a smart and silly girl, even now. 

This will be a big year for her.
She’s officially retired from Law Enforcement. (Thank you Baby Jesus!)

She’ll be moving to VA next month to start her Master’s program in Forensic and Legal Psychology. 
She really doesn’t know where that will lead her because the program has a lot of opportunities for internships and careers within organizations such as the FBI, NCIS, ATF, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 
We are beyond excited for her. 

We celebrated her with a nice family dinner this weekend; of course, we all missed little Sister Lindsay. (one more week till she’s home from New Zealand!)

Lolo is such a cutie AND so smart I can hardly stand it. 

Please tell me you also save pictures on your phone that your daughter texts to you when you ask, what are you wearing?  She can rock a jumpsuit.

I’ve realized I won’t die if she’s 15 hours away. 
*fingers crossed*

Wishing our Lolo a wonderful 26th year!

Bee sweet
Bee a doer
You CAN be kind, cute and intelligent at the same time. 


6 thoughts on “The one where Lolo turns 26.

  1. Happy Birthday to Lolo! I am so very proud of her and having met her in person, know what a beautiful, talented and sweet young lady she is! She takes after her mama! I wish her all the best. Wishing Linds a safe trip home. Love you all. xoxo Great photo of the three of you!


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