I’m a good one.

I like to update my chalkboard plate seasonally during the year.
I found this quote {Abraham Lincoln gets the credit} the other day and I found it to be fitting with where my brain has been lately.

I had a friend in the past who was all about her career; which isn’t bad, but she occasionally tried to make me feel inferior because I chose a different path.  I know, I know, someone can’t “make you feel” a certain way, but you know what I mean; the ‘digs’.
And no, we are not friends any longer, turns out she was a fraud in most aspects of her life.

BUT, there have been times in my life that I did feel ‘less than’ because I didn’t have a college degree or a fabulous career. Beauty school was where I landed and mostly out of convenience; my friend who lived with my dad and I had a car and was going to beauty school after High school and I had no vehicle or college options. College wasn’t even discussed in my home. Ever.

But, I did always know I wanted to have a family and to be a Mom.
And I think I did that pretty darn well. The Coach and I raised two amazing humans.
I remember when the girls started school and friends/family would ask if I were going back to work.
I thought I would.
Turns out, my time was best served at home and volunteering; PTA, Girl Scouts, etc. And it still is.
The best part is the Coach supports whatever I want to do and he likes that I’m able to take care of all the stuff he would have to do if we were both working full time.
House stuff. Bills. Gardening. Shopping. Errands. Critter care. Etc….

So, at almost 52 I finally feel confident that I’m the best version of myself doing what I enjoy.
I’m a good homemaker.
I’m a good wife.
I’m a good Mom.
I’m a good friend.
I’m a good human.
I’m a good nature lover.
I’m a good butterfly raiser.
I’m a good daughter.

Honestly, I could replace good, with GREAT. But I don’t want to dis ol’ Abe.

I’m pretty sure most people at some point struggle with life choices. It’s human nature.

Anyhoo. Thanks for listening.


Bee happy
Bee a good human
Bee content

9 thoughts on “I’m a good one.

  1. Hi, I remember your chalk plate. So cute and I love the quote. You are a GREAT friend and THE BEST Mom and wife. I know you were a great daughter, too. Injury and illness retired me in my 30's and I thought \”what will I do?\” Turns out the Lord had a plan all along….caregiving for my parents and husband and I know I did/do the best that I can. If I had been blessed with children, I would want to be the kind of Mom you are! xoxo


  2. You are correct and I experienced the same things in high school for different reasons and even in my adult life. There are still some people I know like that and have come to recognize, they are the ones with the problems – – not me.Another way to phrase what you have said is to \”Bloom where you are planted!\” I add to that, \”Don't be a weed and choke out the beautiful blooming flowers!\”God gives us all different paths to get where HE wants us. Not all the paths are straight or the ones we would have chosen – – – but we take the next step that is in front of us. It will eventually lead us to the best places – – – but the important thing is to make the most of the journey as you go on the Road of Life.Using \”my\” paraphrase, the Bible says \”Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.\” It also talks about being an encourager to others – – lifting them up. You are that way. We read it in your posts. Many of our lives are richer because of the way you write about your days!


  3. I will be using this quote on my kitchen board. I admit that I have a Master's Degree and still (sometimes) don't feel \”enough\”. When is enough really enough? I think it is enough early in our lives, but we just don't realize it.


  4. Shame on anyone who sees a mother as somehow less important than a \”career woman.\” I was a stay-at-home mother for ten years and then hopped onto the career path, retiring as a vice-president. Both paths were right for me at the time. And I enjoyed both immensely. Well, most of the time.


  5. You sound pretty GREAT to me!!! Being a homemaker is one of the most rewarding yet hardest jobs a woman can ever do. I'm glad you chose the path you did and let me just say, I LOVE my hairdresser, what would we do with skilled people to design, cut, and color our hair. Thank you for commenting on my blog because now I can see I have a new blog friend I'm going to follow!!Have a most wonderful rest of the week and I'll be back!Saimi


  6. Cute plate, first of all. So creative. This is so very timely. Every few years I grapple with what I am going to do when I grow up. Funny considering I am 48. Ihave a college degree, but never used it much. I get frustrated at times because I have put (my) Coach thru school and doctorate and fellowship, etc. And I wonder when will I get to do what I want? Don't get me wrong- having a big family has always been my dream. I just wonder if there is a work place out there with friendships and accomplishments that would work for me. Of course I mentioned this to Curly the other day and her jaw dropped. She still wants me home-especially in tbe summer. Translation: don't leave me home with all the crazy big kids!


  7. I meant to add (but I was at the pool and trying to get Curly and Reg to the car so he wouldn't be late for volleyball and still had to pick up Tank and I lost my train of thought. Plus, it is HOT here!) that you definitely sound like a great mom to your girls, and I am glad that your Coach appreciates all that you do so that he can do his thing. I know my Coach appreciates all that I do 'behind the scenes', etc. I just can't help but feel the urge to get out there and do something else. Getting my book published – well, that is my dream, but it seems unattainable. I do appreciate the message – whatever I am doing, do it well and be content. OK, I am done rambling now!


  8. With the 50th anniversary of the moon walk, our local newspaper did a piece on local citizens who had worked on various aspects of space travel. I was struck with how many did not have college degrees. They designed the heat resistant tiles, custom communications etc. Brillant minds, but modern society has convinced us we're not smart if we don't have that piece of paper. Personally I think our highschool degrees were more challenging than a lot of colleges today.


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