My Christmas feels were all over the place

We had a great Christmas eve here at our house. The Coach decided to sell a few organs ($$$) to purchase and prepare a prime rib roast for all our peeps. Both sets of his parents were here, our girls, Nathan, Coach’s brother and wife, her daughter, my nephew and our great-niece.

It was a feast for kings and queens and people with an excessive amount of organs.

{Nathan, Coach’s mama and Linds}

 {Lolo and Nathan-they have that ‘newly engaged glow’}
 {Did you know that people who help in the kitchen are my favorite people?}

My great-niece found the stage in the theater and found her calling right there and then! I quickly remembered I had the girl’s old recorders (fake flutes) from school; so an impromptu concert was had.

Did I mention we had FIVE Dogs in the house for Christmas eve and Christmas day? *cough cough* that was a lot of hair.

{Kinsley is a natural attention hog entertainer}

{Her biggest fans!}

We started the evening with Lolo getting engaged and ended with a performance by the cutest 2-year-old ever; that was a lot of Christmas eve excitement for this girl. Christmas morning was just seven of us and I started the morning on a good note. I slept in, had my coffee and the coach made a beautiful breakfast for us while my MIL made the kids some yogurt parfaits; so fancy and yummy.
Then I had a few melancholy moments missing my Mom. Don’t ask me why. She’s been gone for over four years AND she and I have not had a Christmas together in over 23 years, so why was I missing her so much this year? I haven’t a clue other than I’m becoming even more emotional in my old age.  As if that is even possible. 
Christmas has come and gone. It was a good one for the books. I’ve declared that next year I’ll decorate before Thanksgiving so that I’ll enjoy the actual Christmas season more if I’m more prepared. Can ya’ll remind me of that in November 2020? 

10 thoughts on “My Christmas feels were all over the place

  1. That looks like a great feast! Yum!! Sorry that you were missing your mom. I cannot imagine what the holidays will be like one year or several years after a loss like that. My nose gets out of joint on the regular with my family as you know. I fear that one day I will regret letting the nonsense get to me. I love my parents and I am sure celebrating life's big moments without them one day will be hard regardless of how close we are. Anyway, sorry that those feelings snuck up on you. Maybe it was the engagement? There is nothing like the presence of a tot at Christmas! She looks like a kick in the pants.Holy heck that is a ton of dogs. That explains the excess hair. I will remind you to get your Christmas in gear if you remind me! Next year Curly dances in Chicago so I hope that makes things easier with the absense of out of town travel. Not holding my breath though.


  2. What a lovely Christmas with your people!Especially that precious little one!I share your melancholy feelings, my friend.My Dad was in my heart all Christmas Day, and especially New Year's Eve.Have a cozy weekend. : )


  3. It looks as if you had a marvelous Christmas with your family. The prime rib looks delicious, I just hope you won't need any of those organs that Coach used to get it.


  4. That roast looks like perfection!! I don't think we ever get over missing our Moms. Mine has been gone almost 12 years and I still have overwhelming moments when I wish she were here.


  5. I'm telling you, you folks really partied it up. Christmas can sometimes be sad after we lose friends and family, others move out of town and some are just tied up and unable to share the Holiday. But we adjust and carry on but the loss of some is still real in our heart.


  6. Omg, an engagement AND a two-year-old AND a buncha dogs and people – how wonderful. I get crazy emotional at this time of year too, partly because I feel so lucky and I love my family and friends so much and, let's be honest, partly from the exhaustion. We can try to remind each other to start earlier next year, but I am not highly hopeful.


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