Hasta La Bye Bye

The Coach and I are heading out on a little adventure for the first time this year. I only add the ‘adventure’ part because you never know what could happen. Life is unpredictable and we’re going to a place that we’ve never been to, but other people have been there, so I’m sure it will be just fine.

It’s a challenge for me to actually leave the house for a minute trip because I’m a bit of a slave to this place and its inhabitants. Aside from the dogs, I have many, many cats.

My Monarch cats have just about eaten me out of house milkweed and home milkweed. It’s actually a good thing I’m leaving because it’ll take some time for my weed to grow back; I said NO to more caterpillars. Sorry, Mother Nature. 

My milkweed production needs to amp it up; my eleventythousand plants are mostly nubs.
Ok, maybe just ONE more little caterpillar?

I took this video a few days ago; I’ll never get over how cute these guys are and it takes ALL of my willpower to refrain from hugging them because, well, then they’d be dead.

I become giddy when I see them sharing AND especially when they’re being so resourceful by eating the actual stems and not just the leaves.

I gave them each high fives.
Just kidding. They have way too many hands feet for that and I don’t have all day; I’ve got to annoy my husband by overpacking my suitcase because I never know what I might want to wear and because I really loathe all of my clothes.
Ok. I really just loathe the way my clothes are fitting lately.…but still, I’d overpack either way.

I can’t believe I said Giddy up there. Is it 1952? 

We have a great housesitter {so, don’t even think about trying to steal my dogs or Christmas storage!} who not only gets to tend to our sweet pups, but she gets to release butterflies almost daily while we’re gone. Plus, I give her actual money too.

I am a giver.
And a complainer.
Shocking information.  
Enjoy the rest of your week; I’m thinking we’re going to have a lot of downtime on this trip and I plan on getting in some good reading; books, blogs, minds, as long as we have good wifi.

Will I blog about our trip? Most likely.
That is after we’re able to get back into the US of A and crossing my fingers that I’ve not been kidnapped, held for ransom, then given back again when they realize I have to eat every 2 hours or else I’m hell on wheels.

*Feverishly packing snacks*


10 thoughts on “Hasta La Bye Bye

  1. Have a great trip! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures!Once when Sarah was little, she found a branch with a caterpillar on it. She brought it in and we put it in a jar with a lid with holes. A bit later, it turned into a cocoon and then eventually we watched it open up as a butterfly! I don't know if she remembers it but I was mesmerized! It was so cool to witness. I


  2. You're so cute, caterpillar lady. The kids both had caterpillars in the class and then released butterflies and it was magical (plus they impressed strangers regularly by talking knowledgeably about chrysalises). I am a fellow overpacker – who knows what thing you'll feel like wearing what day, right? The few times I haven't overpacked, I've regretted it. I hope you have a great vacation!


  3. So funny. I'm bad about leaving home too but I tend to underpack because I get so frustrated I just throw in the same old thing each time. Maybe I should just have a wardrobe for my suitcase which stays in there and only comes out on trips. Haha. That assumes I am the same size from trip to trip!


  4. Well, dog-gone-it what happened to the comment I left days ago? Wah. I must have not made sure it posted when I used my blasted phone. OK, I know I commended you on your caterpillar farm. You have quite the crop there with the food for them and everything!I am very excited to hear about your adventure. Sounds great – but please do not get kidnapped. OMG and I laughed at your need to inform prospective kidnappers that you cannot go without eating every few hours. I can totally relate. What's worse than being starving? Being starving in the car and digging around to find a non-gluten free granola bar or protein bar!I have put on some pounds thanks to the knee injury slowing down my workout routine and the fact that stupid me bought gluten free tiny bundt cakes for myself so that when we attended holiday parties I had a dessert. Um, four of those things were bound to show up somewhere. I now feel like I have to shop for clothes like this: 'Um, do you carry muffin-top coverage jeans?'Enjoy your trip!


  5. OMG – this is my 3rd try to comment on this post . . . not sure what is happening. First time- blaming my phone. That was days ago – then a few hours ago I re-submitted. Now I am just baffled and rest assured I get way more clever every time, so here goes again =- but I draw the line, my clever juices are about to expire. . . Super excited about your adventurous trip and I totally relate to the eating every 2 hours . . . kidnappers be warned!I have gained some weight thanks to the knee injury that kept me out of my typical workout regime for weeks! Add to that (literally) the 4 little mini gluten free bundt cakes I bought for myself so that I could have dessert at holiday parties, and whamo – I now feel the need to ask when buying clothes 'does this come in muffin top minimizing sizes?' Is there a term for a butterfly farmer like yourself? Are you a butterfly breeder? Handler? Supporter? You certainly are a butterfly rock-star. How cute is that video? Looking forward to hearing about your trip eventually, and in the short term I am looking forward to SEEING MY COMMENT POST!


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