Do you know what really gets me going?

I had planned on posting this early today(Monday), but I’d not finished cleaning it up yesterday when our internet went out. So, I spent most of the day churning butter and shearing our sheep.

The lemon

We’ve been waiting for our lemon tree to start gifting us since it was planted in December. ONE lone lemon fell off the heavily fruited tree this past week and was mostly yellow.

You’ve never seen two middle aged people get so excited about a piece of citrus.

There’s no membrane.

Smell this!

No seeds?

It’s perfect!

This is fruit-porn!

An intervention might be necessary.

The polydamas

I shared a while ago that the pipe vine I planted was gifted with caterpillars from an elusive Polydamas butterfly that I had NOT seen.

What is she, Sasquach, Santa Claus?

Evidence of polydamas because of fat little monster poly caterpillars

Friday I was standing in the middle of one of my gardens accessing what needed to be trimmed and along came a big black butterfly that I didn’t recognize at first. Then it hit me and all I could muster up was “Oh, you’re here”.

Indeed she was here. And indeed I spoke to her like she was my neighbor surprising me by returning my crock pot.

Here is 32 dizzying seconds of me trying to capture her on video. I believe there are better videos of sasquach on the internet.

I apologize if anyone has vertigo after that. I should have had you sign a waiver.

the garage door

A few months ago I was complaining about my garage door. Are you shocked to know that I do, on occasion, complain?

It’s the original door that we purchased when we built our house 23 years ago and the motor was at least 15 years old. When I say it sounded like a train coming through the house when you open and closed it, would be just a tad bit of an exaggeration. IT really was loud. The door itself had a fall last year and showed some cosmetic damage too.

So, after I made a comment about how much I disliked it the Coach encouraged me to do some research and find myself a new door and motor. Me: “well, that’s a novel idea.”

I did…and can I just tell you how happy I am with my new door and motor? I’ve been gushing about it to anyone who makes eye contact. You’d think I was gifted with the hope diamond as much as I talk about the darn thing.

Callie is my garage door model. It actually looks the same from the outside, but let me tell you in my best whispering voice *IT’S SO QUIET*.

I was going to share a video of it in motion, but I can’t be held responsible for anyone getting overly excited and soiling themselves.

Also, when I walk into the garage from the house, it has a sensor and a light pops on. I can’t be bothered with having to TOUCH a light switch ever again.

That’s all the excitement I can handle in one weekend….plus, that damn elusive internet.

I hope you are all well and not out there looting your neighborhood.

Bee well. And bee a good human.


23 thoughts on “Do you know what really gets me going?

  1. I am chuckling at the image of you two racing to the yard to inspect the lemon. So dang funny. Congrats on that.

    Love the door and good gut instincts on not showing a video that would cause me to soil myself. Have I told you the one bout when I drove the great white out of the garage (I had backed it in- only took most of my offspring to assist) and the release cord to the opener was accidentally in tbe van’s door after Ed vacuumed it out? Um. I drove away Hill Street Blues style and the door started to come with me. Got knocked off the tracks and everything.

    Love that your door is quiet. We can’t go that route yet- need to hear when the kids come home.

    Wait, was there a butterfly in the video? I am already in bed (not because of vertigo, because I’m drained)- watching on my phone with cracks and blemishes. I am afraid my cracks and blemishes were interfering with butterfly viewing.

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  2. That is so funny. I remember the feeling when I got a new garage door with lift. It is heavenly. I forgot that feeling. So funny to hear it expressed and remember it exactly – except for the light. I didn’t get an automatic light. I feel deprived.

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  3. Congrats on the butterfly; your butterfly garden is gorgeous! Love that you got a new garage door; Callie looks very proud too! John’s parents lived in FL and gifted us some lemons when we first married. They were as big as grapefruits. I asked John to squeeze the juice of one lemon for my banana cake……you could NOT taste the banana, there was so much lemon juice in that ONE lemon!!! lol We still laugh about that.

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  4. 16blessingsmom

    Now you just summed up why we blog, because YAY for the new garage door!!!!! It’s fantastic! I’m walking around here talking about our pool….just an ordinary 27 ft above ground pool…but some new sand in that filter, some clarifier, and wow, it’s crystal clear! I am just obsessed! I thought we would never get rid of the green, and wow! My kids roll their eyes, can you imagine that? A lemon from your tree, I’d be doing a happy dance too. We have a pear tree, and I’m the only one who eats the pears, but I do make a pretty mean pear pie too, which rivals apple. Anyway, your blog always makes me smile, if not laugh, so thank you for that!

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  5. I totally get how happy your quiet garage door makes you! We had our air conditional recharged last week and the tech told us all the screws were loose and he tightened them for us. Who knew that was why it sounded like a incoming tornado every time it ran? Very exciting I tell you! Congratulations on your lemon!

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  6. I’d be over the moon with a new garage door – although ours is pretty quiet and we have a light that comes on when we raise or shut it. I just hate ours. But to replace it with the door I’d want we would need to replace ALL the trim on the house (a hideous cream).

    I love your excitement over the lemon and I totally get. I have a tiny Key Lime Tree that I’m trying to keep alive here and I spy a few little buds and am hopeful that we will soon have some limes!

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  7. Lemons, new garage door, butterflies, you had yourselves a very full week! (Said very unsarcastically, I promise) Listen, if I could grow a real lemon tree up here in the frozen tundra, I would. We can only grow things like apples and blueberries and mint. Waving my green garnishes in your direction.
    We had our garage door go out on us TWICE in 15 years, not sure how that even happened. Everything in our home is jinxed, I swear. So I can appreciate a brand new anything. 🙂

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  8. blog changes. i love it. not sure when the last time i was here … i think it was near your big birthday??! i am 42 now. so time keeps flying by. i love the bee header there. gorgeous!! i am a fan of the beach during the cooler months. don’t enjoy it much during the hot ones. i love it during our anniversary which is early November …so that is a perfect time. those sunsets are the best. walking on the beach is not busy and u can just chill. we camp often near the beach as well. bike riding. take care. see ya again soon. all the best 2 u and your family. ( ;

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  9. Hi, George mentioned your new blog on WordPress —and I had no idea that you even had a new one… Where have I been???? La La Land is where I reside!!!!!!ha….. I only blog on Mondays these days.. I still enjoy it –but don’t seem to have the time that I used to have to do what I want to do… (That La-La-Land crap again!)..

    I had fun with my Blog Post today… There’s a battle going on between my Canon and my iPhone…. I love to get people’s thoughts/reactions…


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