The one where nature made me ugly cry.

I started this post last week with some positivity and excitement in my heart.

A very happy and exciting event this (last) week was that I’ve been seeing my Polydamas flying around and I’ve got a boatload of babies on my Pipevine. Remember the last time I tried to video she/he, it didn’t pan out so well for me. I compared the butterfly to Sasquatch because I couldn’t verify she existed. But, on Sunday afternoon, I turned into an award wining cinematographer.

So, where’s my award? Kidding. Two showed up, surprised me and really made me look like I know what the heck I’m doing! Kids, dont’t try this at home, I am a trained professional.

That was last Sunday.

Yesterday, things were different.

–Insert Debbie Downer background music here–

Yesterday, I shed tears.

The polydama caterpillars ate every leaf.

I know. I know that’s what they’re supposed to do. And I’d hoped that I had enough vine for everyone at the table, but that didn’t happen.

Every piece of green on that vine was gone and there were still hungry caterpillars looking for food. The kitchen is closed…no food to be found. It hurts my heart seeing the hungry babies. *sigh*

There is no other food source for them and I tried to locate some Pipevine, but none of my local nurseries carry it.

I can’t even bare to go out there today and check on them.

I know the state of our world is a dumpster fire right now, but this, this is what was keeping me staying patially sane.

Yes, the plant will most likely grow back, but before it’s a full sized plant, the butterflies will most likely find it, lay a billion eggs and the vine won’t be able to support them all.

People keep telling me this is how nature works, but people, do you not realize I AM NATURE. OK, maybe I’M just TRYING TO CONTROL NATURE.

Ok. That’s enough of my pity party. I promise. Today is a new day let me see what other type of caterpillar I can starve.


I hope everyone had a pleasant July 4th. Our Callie is still recovering from all the freaking people who love to shoot fireworks; I need to get her some CBD or Vodka. Happy Independence day, let’s light things on fire! ‘Merica


26 thoughts on “The one where nature made me ugly cry.

  1. I am STUNNED . . . like what the hell!? I mean I know I am just a weed grower (not THAT weed, just a no-green-thumb type) and all, but I had no idea they could ravage a plant like that. There appeared to be SO MUCH, and this was all so exciting – all those babies and then the two butterflies who entered on cue. That second video had my chin dropping open. This reminds me of what dinner often looks like around here, only I didn’t hear any caterpillars belching to their heart’s content. Good grief.

    Our 4th was fairly quiet unless you count the constant struggle over who is going to have a car and who has permission to go where and all that comes with teenagers and their apparent need to make up for lost time and see their friends 24/7 except when they are working.

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    1. I’m so bummed!! ;(
      The car situation seems like it would be very stressful too though….I can’t imagine ALLthe juggling.
      I’ve thought about growing the other weed too; I hear it’s a moneymaker.


  2. I am so sorry about your caterpillars. I feel like at one point I can relate to them. Eating out of house and home. But still, so sad. I would have cried too. Maybe I will pinch myself today to cry in solidarity. I am on antidepressants for migraines now, so I don’t cry as much….they say it’s a good thing, I dunno.

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  3. Sorry about your babies. We’ve had similar experience with Monarchs but were able to rush out and buy more Milk Weed. A case for staggered planting I guess. Have you been to the Butterfly Habitat at Callaway Gardens in Georgia? At a certain point, they cut down the Milk Weed so no more eggs/babies will be born. Assisted birth control.

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    1. I go through phases where I can’t keep up with my monarch’s milkweed. I do have a surplus that I grow in pots on my screened lanai and the butters can’t get to it while it’s trying to recover. You should see them trying to get through the screen though….crazy.
      I haven’t been to Callaway gardens since I was a kid, so I’ve not seen the butterfly area. I wonder why they cut it down? Too many butterflies? That’s a great problem to have.


  4. I think my original comment just got lost due to my awesome internet connection. I’m so sorry about your vines. I don’t know anything about caterpillars or butterflies, but if there is still time, I can check around Maryland for the vine and send it to you. Hang in there friend.

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  5. Sorry to hear about what the caterpillars did to your pipevine. It doesn’t seem possible for them to devour that many leaves in such a short time. But then, we know what Japanese beetles can do to roses.

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  6. Lu in TN

    This exact problem happened to a friend here in TN. She sent out emails and FB messages to everyone asking if they had the plant. She found some quickly! Just an idea for you. Oh, another thing she did was ask the local garden club. Thank you for growing those pollinators!

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    1. Thanks to you, I reached out to one of my butterfly groups and I was given all sorts of recommendations for nurseries; I found one a bit over an hour away and they have the plants! THANKS for the encouragement.


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