Running on fumes and a clean table brings me joy; these are the days of my life.

On Sunday I had a few errands to run, which I really didn’t want to do. I’m sick of going places and at times wish I was on lockdown. One errand included a trip to Costco. This is my third trip for the week. Am I stocking up for the end times? No. But, I was stocking up for *something*. Vague much?

The night before when Coach and I were coming home in my car from our Great-Nieces birthday party, the gas light came on, we still have plenty before arriving home, but I knew that on Sunday I would need to stop for gas. I made the decision to get it at Costco which would be my last stop. Leaving the house I had a 30-mile gas range. Suz thinks that’s plenty of gas, go where you need to go, and then hit Costco for gas.

Have you played this game with yourself? As I’m driving just a few miles, I notice the range goes down to a 20-mile range. Me thinks hmmmm, I DID not just go 10 miles. Surely something is amiss. I continue on because I know I can beat this game. I hit my errands, then start in the direction of Costco. *10-mile gas range*. I check my map at a red light and Costco is ONLY five miles away. I CAN DO THIS!

Though, a few miles before Costco, I started to get nervous. I checked the outside temp: 98*. Damn, it’s HOT out. I DO not want to be stranded on the side of the road melting. I decide to turn off my air-conditioned seat. (my favorite car feature) A few minutes later, I wonder, is that enough to save some gas? Of course, I caught every red light in the county. I tried to coast to each one, thinking that is more fuel-efficient. Let’s turn OFF the a/c for a few minutes. Two minutes later, I’m melting INSIDE my car and put it back on. I wonder to myself if turning off my satellite radio will help? Ok, that was funny, I know that’s not how it works and I did not do that. But it crossed my mind.

Hey, I see Costco! I’m almost there! Ok. I did make it and my range still said 10 miles. Does my car do that just to scare the crap out of me? To date, I have never run out of gas. Never. Can someone make a note to put that on my epitaph along with my passion for recycling? Pease?

Raise your hand if you’ve run out of gas. I won’t judge. Someone very close to me has run out of gas a few times and I was the rescuer.

I’m pretty proud that I finally finished my photo sorting project on Sunday night. I started it at the beginning of the pandemic and thought it would take me a week or two. *laughs at my positivity* Fortunately, I have a huge craft table in my laundry room and I was able to keep the project out and work on it when I felt the desire. But still, I was missing having a clean table; I’m tidy at heart.

Where are all my friends? My commenters have dropped dramatically and I wonder if I offended someone? Are we on a break? Could it possibly because I just wrote a lengthy post about almost running out of gas? What? That’s NOT entertaining? Is it too hard to comment on this format?

It’s Monday and the Coach and I have something BIG this week. I was going to share it now that we’ve told most of the family, but if we’re on a break…fugettaboutit.

Anyone accomplish a task that brings some joy to your weird little heart?


18 thoughts on “Running on fumes and a clean table brings me joy; these are the days of my life.

  1. I’ve never run out of gas, ever. At least not in my car. But I’ve run out of gas plenty physically and mentally in a metaphorical way.


    I have to have uncluttered surfaces, too. This runs right up against my husband, who has Flat Surface Disease. He MUST PUT HIS STUFF DOWN ON ANY FLAT SURFACE ANYWHERE.

    It’s a problem.


  2. Okay, so I think I know what happened to your commenters. When clicked on your post, it didn’t come up, like there was an error. Then when I went to Bloglovin, it disappeared. OOH MAGIC TRICKS! Then, I noticed that I missed your other posts! So something creepy is going on. I am thinking your other commenters are missing your other posts as well. So I am hopping over to your Bob Marley post next.

    And there is nothing you could say to offend me. HAVE YOU READ MY BLOG??

    I love Costco so much but we only go once a month because ours is a little far from our house. So we act like the Ingalls and keep lists on our phones, then hitch the wagons and go once a month. But I do love a good old Costco trip.

    I think I know what you are stocking up for!!! PLEASE LET ME GUESS!!!


    1. What the hell is this trickery??? I have no idea how to fix it.
      Our Costco is 15 minutes away from the house and the Coach has one 10 minutes away from his office too-we’re spoiled!
      Yes, you can guess away my non-offensive friend!


  3. I didn’t even comment on the gas!
    Car gas.
    Not farting gas.
    I have lots of gas in peri-menopause.
    I have almost run out of gas in my car on many occasions.
    My current car has a digital display that tells me when it gets below 30 miles and says DANGER WILL ROBINSON LOW FUEL! LOW FUEL!
    But it won’t tell me how many miles I have until empty. Never mind I can see the needle. But I get freaked out, yet I keep driving.
    My husband thinks this is “endearing” because he doesn’t drive it.
    But I have always come THIS CLOSE to running out of gas and it scares me.

    I feel like I should run a small blog in your comment section, my comments are too long.


  4. I once ran out of gas in the tractor out in a field at home, but that shouldn’t count since the tractor didn’t have a gas gauge. Congratulations on finishing your project. Now would you like to come and sort my photos?


  5. Adams Betsy Banks

    Well— decisions decisions…. I am contemplating moving to Word Press since I’m having SUCH a hard time with tons of Blogger changes (no instructions, etc.)…. BUT–I do know that many people who do change to WordPress don’t get comments as much as they did on Blogger… Question? Did most of your followers continue to follow you after you changed from Blogger to WordPress? Oh Well–this old woman is too old for CHANGES…. ha



  6. I wonder why you are feeling comment deprived (I see last post with about 10 comments, is that below average for you?) and if it could be related to the difficulty I had a few times in trying to comment. It wouldn’t work from my phone for a bit, but it works there again. If you post in the morning, I usually see it. Later in the day, I often switch from blog-mode to ‘why the ef is this place such a disaster- coupled with ‘I wonder if I have time to make dinner during nap time’.

    Oh, how I love a clear space. It doesn’t happen often in my world, but I do enjoy it when it does. I interviewed people over the weekend and we cleared counters and end tables. It can be done.

    So looking forward to learning your news. Do tell!

    Um, have I mentioned that I am an envelope pusher? So, yes I have run out of gas. A few years ago I almost ran out of gas when the girls and I bolted to a dancing competition in Indianapolis when the grad party Mini was supposed to attend was cancelled. Then we forgot the time change. Then I realized we had no gas. And I had to pee SOOO bad. We made it there.

    I once ran out of gas while babysitting. The parents used the big ass van on the weekend, and didn’t fill it up. I was in high school or early college. Didn’t dawn on me that the van was low and I had 7 little guys in the car. Died right out front of a gas station, thankfully.


  7. You weave a good tale based on your empty tank. I’ve come close to running out of gas, moving forward on fumes, but never actually ran out of gas per se.

    I find it easy to comment here, btw. I have to wonder if this week is one in which the reality of back to school has slowed down many commenters. I continue to comment liberally, but I have more time to do so.


  8. I have never run out of gas. A long time ago someone told me that if my car was running on fumes to drive 5 miles under the speed limit and take my foot off the gas as much as possible and it always seems to work for me! Jeez! That’s your laundry room? I thought it was your kitchen!


  9. You popped into my mind today so I came looking. You aren’t showing up in my reader for some reason. I’m going to re-follow to see if that fixes it for me.
    I’m glad to see you are still here!
    I can’t remember running out of gas myself…but I’ve cut it close plenty of times.
    I also love a clear table/counter/what have you…but I live with my husband – who obviously does NOT have that same fondness.


  10. I’m around – just dealing with some stuff and way behind!! I’m glad you didn’t run out of gas!! It happened to me once when I was 18. I was out partying with friends and had more than enough gas, but we ended up driving around more than I had planned. It was 2am and I was bringing my friend home and managed to coast into her driveway. I had to call home for my Dad to come bring me some gas — yes at 2am!


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