Everyone Has A Job

I don’t want to brag, but all of my people are gainfully employed. Well, almost everyone.

I might talk complain about Lolo going back into law enforcement quite a bit, but Lindsay has also made a huge leap this year and thank the good Lord it doesn’t involve wearing body armor.

A few months ago she was in a quandary regarding her employment. She loved her job managing/tending bar at a Kava Bar, but the owners were asshats and her position was lacking structure/consistency.

Today she’s in a totally different work field; there’s a rumor that her Mom and Sister might have pushed her a bit to move out of her comfort zone.

She is now the First Face anyone sees when they enter into our Manufacturing Facility.

And what a lovely face it is.

She’s an account manager, working in our administrative department and she’s doing a bang up job. Her supervisor (who does not share her DNA) and other employees rave about how sweet, bright & respectful she is. She’s 100% more efficient than the person she replaced; she’s detail oriented and takes a lot of pride in her position.

She mentioned to me one day: Why wouldn’t I work my ass off here, this place paid for everything in my life.

She has a valid point.

It’s ok, I’ve got a job.

This phrase might have started 10 years ago when the Coach wanted to purchase or do something that I thought was expensive, he would always say: “It’s ok, I’ve GOT a job, I can pay for it.”

It started to become his go-to phrase. And he DOES have a job and he has worked his azz off to build our company over the past 24 years to become as successful as it is.

Once the kids were in school, it was always my intention to go back to work; possibly in a position at our company, but then we both realized it was much better for me to tend to the house, the kids and the critters. This gave me endless possibilities to be there for the girls and I volunteered for the PTA and the girls teachers and I was an active Girl Scout leader for many years. Ya’ll I was a Busy Bee. So, while I technically DID NOT have a job that warranted a paycheck, I held many positions.

For the past 6 years I’ve been the Official Office Party Planner and I write a monthly newsletter for our (75) employees. So, I’m earning my keep, still without a paycheck but it’s ok, I’m in charge of the household funds, so I know where all the money is hidden.

A phrase as old as time.

I speak with my girls on the phone at least once a week, probably more. And we text all.the.time.

When on the phone though, one will mention to me something that sounds innocent: “yeah, I’m on my way home from work“.

Suz: “Oh, bragging about having a job again are you“?

This always cracks us up and the girls almost always say the same thing: “Mom, you have lots of jobs and stay busier than most people”.

It’s so nice that they’ve never seen me as only a stay at home Mom. My work is appreciated, even now.

Anyhoo, all that to say we’re super proud of our Lindsay for stepping out and trying something she kind of resisted, but is SO very good at doing. It reminds me of when she was eight and I signed her up for Hip Hop dance classes; when the day came to start she was petrified, crying and said NO, she wasn’t going. I gave her a push and she ended up dancing (and loving it) from then until she was 18. Sometimes we need a gentle push in the direction that makes us uncomfortable.


29 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Job

  1. Hooray for Lindsay. I love that she tried something new and it’s working for her. Never easy. I also love that body armor isn’t necessary.

    When Coach’s office manager left, I told him that maybe I should be the new office manager. We laughed about that. I’d talk to the patients WAY TOO MUCH to get anything else done. Plus if insurance companies gave me a hard time on the phone, well . . . they might get an earful from me that might be slightly unprofessional. Plus the office manager’s hours sometimes continue into the evening. Trying to imagine our crew at home without a take-charge type (me) makes my head spin.

    I sometimes get in a funk about not having a ‘real job’ – although my in-home daycare feels pretty real – it doesn’t feel like ‘this is why I went to college’ type work. -Sometimes I think ‘What if I’d have done this or that?’ Coach just emailed me a comic this morning. It’s a woman standing in the doorway of her home and there is a whole BUNCH of workers standing on the sidewalk in front of her house. The husband was explaining to the mom: YEAH, WE HAD TO HIRE A WHOLE STAFF FOR THE DAY SO THAT YOU COULD TAKE THE DAY OFF FOR MOTHER’S DAY. . . . Truer words were never printed. 😉

    I bet your employees look forward to your newsletters every month. It’s also great that you are flexible to be there for all of your people, and you critters.

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    1. You certainly have a full-time job with just YOUR kids and then add in the other littles; makes my head spin.
      I agree with the comic your honey shared; we’re irreplaceable and who could afford us anyway?


  2. Bijoux

    There is something truly satisfying when your child is gainfully employed. Bonus points when they are off both your health insurance plan AND cell phone bill!

    From one SAHM to another, Happy belated Mother’s Day! You are such a pretty, young Mom!

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  3. Good for your daughter stepping out of her comfort zone! I always tell my SAHM daughter that she has the most important job of her life right now! It’s so very true! Anyone who is able to stay home and raise their kids is so blessed!

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  4. I love this post.
    I’m so happy for you that your girls are gainfully employed.
    Is there a way we can wrap Lolo in bubble wrap? I guess that’s what those kevlar vests are for.
    Congratulations to Lindsay!

    As a current and former SAHM, I agree with everything you say. I used to get caught up in all the things people would say to me.
    “What do you do all day?” NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    But now, I don’t care. Life is short, I am happy, my girls are too. That’s all that matters. I’d say we are following a similar mantra. 🙂


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    1. It’s funny that as a kid, I was pretty protective over Lolo with the helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc….and now, she’s out there protecting others. NOT what I had planned, but what can you do?

      If I think of all the times I let someone else make me feel unimportant for taking care of my family, well, that was just a waste of valuable time. In hindsight, I made all the right decisions for my people.

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  5. Melanie Galliano

    Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like a good fit for her and I’m glad she’s enjoying it. I’ve thought about going back to work quite often. Then I think about all the time off I’d end up needing or rides for kids at 4:00 I would be scrambling to find for them. With the way Clint worked before the layoff, I was a single mom more often than not. That was hard enough so I just didn’t need to throw the stress of an 8-5 job in there. Haha.

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  6. As a person who works outside the home (well, not now obviously) and as a former SAHM when Man-Child was a wee one – I will personally clock anyone in the jaw if they think a SAHM isn’t a “job.” Even if I didn’t work outside the home (well….you know) right now – with no children to care for, I’d clock them. Being a wife/mother/keeper of the home/calendar/and whatever else we do is a full time job! So, yes, Suz – you have a job. And that is one that your family depends on. You keep the wheels on the bus, so to speak. And, you wear many, many hats – and it sounds like your family recognizes and appreciates your contributions to the family – and that is the only recognition that matters.

    And I am so happy that Lindsay stretched her comfort zone and has realized that she can succeed wherever she is planted.

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  7. Congrats to Lindsay and so glad it doesn’t involve wearing body armor. Sounds like she is working at the perfect place and she sure looks happy there too! You’ve done a great job all the way around Suz!

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  8. I am so proud of and happy for Linds. It is never easy to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, as for you, I have followed your blog for years. And you are the best MOM in the whole world and if I had children I would have done exactly what you did, one of john’s co workers asked me once if I just sat around eating bonbons when I was caring for my mom 24/7. That really hurt. She will never know how difficult that was and how proud I was that I could care for mother. Love you🦋

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    1. Thank you, Mildred. And you can imagine if you’d not been able to be there to care for your Mom? That would have been horrible for both of you.
      What the hell is a bon bon anyway?? 😉


  9. I was very thankful to two SAHMs who provided stellar care for my boys while I went to work, teaching. Their kids were in school, and these moms were awesome caregivers. They made my life so much easier, knowing that my sons were safe, loved, and in a consistently good place.

    Nobody has to justify their existence to another person. Doing a great job at their chosen career, no matter where it is or what it is, speaks for itself.

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    1. When I was working while Lolo was an infant, I too was fortunate to have a family friend who stayed home with her young children and she took in our Lolo. That gave me SO much peace of mind. Going to work outside of the home was a struggle just worrying about my baby; you get it.


  10. I was “elected” to (told I was going to be on) the Party Planning Committee when I started my new job last fall. Naturally, this made me think of The Office and all of Dwight’s and Jim’s half-hearted attempts at fostering team unity.

    Let’s just say my role on the committee would make them both proud.


  11. I figure that a job is anything that keeps you productive. Sometimes they pay money, other times they pay you in positive vibes. Granted making money is a good way to stay afloat, but to dismiss the work someone does because he or she isn’t being paid dinero, seems short-sighted + mean-spirited to me.

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