Surprise! No Tea For You Because Your Mom Is A Professional Liar.

In April Linds and I started discussing/planning a bridal shower for Lolo. Our plan was to have a “Tea party” luncheon. And unlike most of the time, I desired to host it anywhere other than our house. We searched high and low for a place, striking out left and right, but we finally found the PERFECT place. Linds checked it out in person while I was away, the price was right, the venue was cute and it would be perfect little tea party for about 12 ladies. They only had a few dates open in September and ONE of those dates lined up with Lolo’s crazy ass work schedule.

I was **THIS** close to signing the contract and Nathan’s mom had her **finger** on the PURCHASE button for an airline flight when LOLO’S DAMN WORK SCHEDULE FLIP FLOPPED.

ME: This wouldn’t happen if she were a dental hygienist!

We were back to the drawing board and I was frustrated; getting this far took a few months.


I decided, along with Nathans Mom that we would do a CO-ED shower since no one had been able to visit with Nathan while he was away over 8 months. Of course, I would be hosting it at our home because we have the space.


Do you know what I thought the hardest part about a surprise party would be? All the damn lying.

It’s not polite to brag, but it turns out, I’m a proficient liar. I mean, the lies were flowing out of my mouth to get the two of them at our house at a specific time.

Lolo thought I was taking her and Linds to an Afternoon Tea. (and after Wednesday’s post, so did all of you) Nathan thought he was going to the shooting range with Coach. They are terrible detectives because it was lies. ALL LIES.

“You can’t come earlier because our friend is here from out of town to assist us with our Life Insurance”- “The tea will be later than normal, but it will still be fun”-“Have the Andrew come too so we can meet him and he can go to the range with the guys”-“We will go to dinner after the tea”

Every time I opened up my mouth, a lie popped out.

Even when they pulled up to the house for our fake Tea Party and there were cars in the driveway, Lolo thought this might be a surprise “welcome home” party for Nathan.

They entered the house astonished. Then they both cried a bit at seeing Nathan’s Mom as they’ve not been together in over a year.

I told Lolo: This is a shower for you both.

WHAT? She was so damn surprised.

Later after visiting with some family I said you need to sit down and open gifts. WHAT? We get gifts NOW and at the wedding? Her mind was blown.

Nathan finally got to meet the infamous Lillie.

One other reason we decided to do a Co-Ed party was that Nathan’s brother Andrew who is a Captain in the Army was able to pop into town for the weekend. They’ve not seen each other in years. Andrew was to be Nathan’s Best Man, but he will be deployed for a year a few weeks before the actual wedding, which is such a bummer.

Again, if HE were a Dental Hygienist, this wouldn’t be an issue.

It was so lovely having some friends and family together celebrating these two!

It was months of planning, lying and stressing over making it all happen. I was so relieved when it was over. *sigh*

Sadly, the Coach eyeballs me suspiciously every time I open my mouth because I was SO darn good at lying. I swear, I was just playing a part.

*pats myself on the back and takes a bow*

Has anyone else been able to pull the wool over some unsuspecting souls lately?

Signed, Suz. A really good liar when it is necessary for the Surprise and Fun element.


25 thoughts on “Surprise! No Tea For You Because Your Mom Is A Professional Liar.

  1. I smell smoke. IT’S YOUR PANTS!

    What a nice surprise for your daughter and her fiance. All this on top of your many other projects and a trip, too.

    Probably to relax you will adopt another dog. (There I go, giving you ideas…!)

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  2. So happy the way this worked out. Thrilled that there were special guests available and that it took place at a beautiful setting. Wow, you JUST had work done in the house, and still party ready. Well done. Love the photos. The couple look SO happy and fun, but the sister photo steals my heart. Love it.

    As far as surprises go . . . my mom and my sisters tried to surprise me for a baby shower. They were acting too weird. I even remember wearing something that wasn’t my favorite maternity outfit because I figured if I got too dressy they’d know that I knew. Which I did, of course. Later Coach was like, I don’t know why they didn’t ask me to help. I could’ve surprised you.

    He could’ve because he’s the only person who has ever surprised me Coach. The best was when he proposed. I was getting suspicious but with EVERY question or weird moment, he had a quick and believable lie. Later when I told him maybe I should be worried that he lied too easily/well he said it was because in order to survive living with his crazy strict parents he had to get proficient at lying.

    I think that when my kids are ready for a shower (not for years), I will make it a surprise . . . as in, SURPRISE, WE ARE HAVING YOUR SHOWER AT SUZ’S PLACE. Now, that would be a surprise. 😉

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    1. I love the baby shower surprise/not surprise. They don’t lie as well as I do.
      Yes, the house was ‘almost’ party-ready, but enough to get through. Also, we were in California the week prior so I was stressing while also trying to relax.
      Yes, a surprise party at MY HOUSE would be a surprise for all involved. 🙂
      Linds is so happy for her sister; it’s the best of the best feeling.


  3. How wonderful! So glad you were able to pull it off! So much happiness in your photos!!!

    I earned a reputation of being a good liar too, for a similar type cause (65th birthday party for my now-late BIL – I had to lie that I needed him to vet a golf course for me as I was supposedly in charge of setting this up for the company I then worked for). I surprised myself with how good of a liar I could be 🤣. Not ready to call it my super-power, but close!


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  4. Bijoux

    Great title! Lol! Your daughter is adorable and looks so much like you. Congrats to them both!

    I found out I’m a great liar when we played that Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show game at a big xmas party one year. The one where you look in a box and either tell the other players the truth about its contents or make something up. Then everyone guesses whether it’s true or false. Hilarious game and I think you’d be great at lying and fooling everyone.

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    1. That sounds like fun!! Usually it’s hard for me to keep a straight face if I’m telling a lie. A lot of my lying about this party was done over the phone or text, I think that’s what saved me.


  5. Maddie

    I love this! I mean, fancy high tea parties are fun but a super sneaky surprise shower (and you got everyone there!)…. SO AWESOME! I also adore your Life Insurance quote lie. Ha! Personally, I am a terrible liar. This is why I’m in charge of negotiating car purchases in my fam. Cuz when I tell the dealer “that’s my number take it or leave it” I think they hear the ring of truth. 🙂 Congrats again on pulling off the perfect party. The giddy joy in the faces of everyone in your pics speaks volumes.

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    1. I had to think of something weird to avoid them showing up early as generally, my kids are ALWAYS welcome!
      I love that you’re the car negotiator. That’s an interesting career choice. 🙂
      Thank you for all of your kind words, always.


  6. What a nice surprise for them! Sounds like fun and some tears too! Unfortunately, when necessary lies can come out of my mouth smooth as butter. The difference between now and when I was much younger is the lies are good lies and not to keep myself out of trouble!


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