Struggling with sanity while being snarky


Recently, the whole famdamily was running errands together. This always makes for some quality and silly conversations in the car. We had to stop by a place of business and pick up some stuff from a friend of ours. This friend is an odd bird.

After we got back into the car, I said: gosh, so and so is just sooooo strange.

Coach’s reply: Yep, so and so certainly does struggle with sanity.

We all busted out laughing because of the ‘matter of fact’ way he said it…and he wasn’t trying to be funny.

For the rest of the day “struggling with sanity” was the phrase that pays.

For sure every 28 days or so, I will declare to the whole family: Stay away…I am struggling with sanity and I have a shank! Then I’ll give them that evil laugh of mine….mwwwaaahhhhhhaaaa.

If I warn them, then my conscience is clean as a whistle. (According to my attorney.)


A few days later, Lo had a wacky face book message from a person who ‘struggles with sanity.’ (not a friend…but a parent of a friend)

She read it to me, and I said: wow, that was quite snarky.

Lo laughed at me: Snarky? Whaaaat?

I said: snarky….you know, sassy…catty….not nice.

She shook her head, like I made this word up myself.

{bananahammock who?}

A day later she was watching an episode of House…and they used the word Snarky.

I have been vindicated.

Now, it is a fact…you know since it was on fictional TV and all!

Don’t you ever get the urge to shank some snarky person who is clearly struggling with sanity?

I can’t be the only one.



33 thoughts on “Struggling with sanity while being snarky

  1. Sue this was HILARIOUS! I am leaving tomorrow for a family trip and I can't wait to use \”snarky\” Struggling with sanity in my conversations! They are sure to cause some reactions – Lauren my super witty 10 year old is likely to clue in and apply them directly to her life! Your family is SO fun!!!!


  2. Anonymous

    The bank rep (a 50 yr old lady) for the folks who bought our house was snarky and yes, I did want to shank her! In front of the entire table of folks there for the closing, she announced that John and I were over 62!!!!! (she assumed that is why our property taxes were reduced and of course it is because John is disabled!) I loudly corrected her and said, \”we are not!\” She THEN said, well I knew your husband did not look that OLD! She is in the dictionary under SNARKY!


  3. Suz: Just yesterday I asked my boss if another employee was \”different\”. He said, \”Yep, he's slow.\” I didn't really want to use THAT word, the guy is very nice, but he does seems to \”struggle with sanity\” (to quote Coach). I use the word \”snippy\” and call THAT time \”beast week\”, although sometimes I believe it's \”beast month\”!


  4. you are my most unique friend 🙂 don't worry. i love you anyway 🙂 (and don't you dare read any snarkiness into that!) just don't be bringing that shank over to my house!!! i promise to behave 🙂


  5. Every day whenever I get a free moment, I work on carving my shank out of stone. There are some definite sanity struggling snarklets in the world that need a good shanking and I aim to help. Just let me know where and when. I'll be there.


  6. Yes, I do get that urge, but so far I've resisted it. Yesterday, it was the IRS…and whatever animal it was that beat up my sweet Liger-kitty!\”Struggles with Sanity…\” your Coach is a gem.


  7. i struggle with my sanity every day, living with pain of some sort. so, i will take your advice, i am getting a shank….and i will use it on whoever is nearest….LOL!! i'm just being being snarky….haha, i won't use it, but do want one. when i do get my lil VW bug and take my trip this summer, i want to be protected!! have a great tuesday!! xxxx


  8. Not me! And I'm shocked that you would even suggest that I would consider such a thing.I'll have the children say prayers for you tonight. It can't hurt, right?m.


  9. Took me a while to figure out that snark was indeed a real word, so I can't say much in that department. :)And yes, some days I feel like the whole world is one big snark-fest and I'm the only sane person left. : )


  10. Please don't call me snarky; even though I probably deserve it for not being around. I've caught up on all your past posts and now I am feeling more sane. 😉 Glad to hear that the White Dog tale has a happy ending!


  11. I love that the TV show confirmed snarky. It should have given you more points for respect on the knowledge chart in the eyes of the teenagers!Struggling with sanity is great! I will need that one this summer when we have 500 children come to the reading program.It is a blessing to all of us that you post so frequently. I had just told myself I needed to be doing something to be productive around the house – – but saw your blog update and had to stop…… am always glad when I do that.


  12. Every family has one. In mine..the line is \”I could tell you was mad…\”We were in North Carolina at some fried chicken joint and we were appalled by the waitress' terrible service. She finally brought us our water and said, \”I could tell you was mad and I was skeered to come over here to wait on you Yankees.\”Since then…whenever one of us cranky, someone will inevitably say, \”I could tell you was mad….\”


  13. I think that you folk over in the good ol USA are struggling with sanity just a bit. You call knives shanks, you call fringes BANGS ( as you know Suz I cannot begin to understand this weirdness)….. snarky is a fun word, not sure I have heard it over here……… and what is about bananahammock?? I have it referred to hear and there…. please buzz over to mine to explain….


  14. i get that urge quite often for my age. it worries me. it worries those around me even of these days, alice, one of these days! right to the moon… [from the honeymoaners] thats what we call them.i too struggle for sanity but after i shank a snarky or two, i feel much better.


  15. do you remember \”sniglets\” they were SO freaking funny back in the day. i think its time for me to bring them back. i'll do a post on them… just in honor of your snarkiness.


  16. Ha! I FREQUENTLY encounter people who are struggling with sanity! :)And I can SEE your kids taking that line and \”running\” with it (just like my kids would)… :)I believe Coach has created a monster…


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