Do you MuuMuu?

Some news.
My youngest daughter is now a Junior. 
I must start shopping for some muumuu’s and comfortable shoes.
I’m not sure where to even purchase a muumuu.
My G’ma used to wear them around the house all the time. I believe she referred to them as a”house-dress”.

{G’ma’s were similar to this; short sleeve with snaps down the front.}

They always had big pockets for her pack of cigarettes.
I think that was a must for housewives back in the day. Soap operas and cigarettes went hand in hand.

I’ll just use the pocket for my flask smart phone. 

I was digging through photos the other day and came across this one of my G’ma.

My first thought: She would hate this photo of herself; she was eating for heavens sake!

But then I looked closely and it appeared to me that she was saying a naughty word.

You see, her constant and favorite phrase to describe a good person:

“{Fill in the blank with a name} wouldn’t  say  sh*t  if  their  mouth  was  full  of  it.”

Have you ever heard that one?
Well, it looked like she might be saying that in that photo above…even though it appeared that she was actually eating some sort of mayonnaise based salad.

Now, everyone close your eyes.

 My Dad’s cousin and my G’ma.
Maybe they were praying?
But most likely not. Most Methodists only pray at church or before bed.

I just made that up.

And this is the look she gave you before she informed you that you’ve gained weight…

and her next line would include something about her wanting to fix you something to eat.

Gosh I miss that woman with the Muumuu’s and mixed messages!

Our weekend was swell.
How about you?

Housedress pattern photo borrowed from here.

26 thoughts on “Do you MuuMuu?

  1. Anonymous of moo moos out there, I don't think my grandmas, either of them, wore them… but I do recall that it seemed like most women that did wear them always had cigarettes in the pocket.Your Grandma sounds like a hoot. Mine, not so much. One was strict and no fun at all. Had a good week-end here too!


  2. My husband and I were just recently discussing what age you had to be to start wearing a \”house dress\” and whether it was a generational thing that will die out as we become older of if, when I am in my 70s or 80s I'll just bust a move to the housedress. We have such rich, important, world changing conversations….


  3. Anonymous

    I liked your Grandma's style, too. Mama wore muumuu's and daddy always threatened to burn them IF she would ever take them off!!!


  4. My grandma didn't wear muumuu's but she was in an apron pretty much every day in her life. They were the kind you wore over your clothes and buttoned on the front. Like a mini muumuu… Personally I don't muumuu – at least not yet. 😉


  5. My Mom's Mom, Grammy Kindel, did indeed where mumu's. She did not smoke cigarettes and she never told me I was fat! Thank goodness : ) She also had lovely polyester dresses. I miss her so much.My Grammy Leatherman was a mennonite. She had a very special kind of dress she had to wear. Mennonites had to wear plain clothes. No buttons or anything fancy. I am sure she would have worn a mumu if she could have. Grammys are the best, aren't they? Are you thinking that now that your baby is a Junior you are about to have a grandbaby and be a grandma????? Just promise me I can take baby pictures : ). I wouldn't mind if you had a new baby. I am serious. It would love the new big jeep : ) and the stumpy tree in the yard. It would have also loved the feral cat. May God bless it's soul.Love you like a fat kid loves cake.


  6. Suz, I don't think that pattern is a muumuu. I am a lot older than you are and I'm fairly certain a muumuu is pretty-much shapeless from the neck down, not tailored with a waist. But I would agree it is a house dress.Love the g'ma and yes, I have heard that phrase.


  7. Growing up my friend's mom always wore muumuu's all the time. Let me just say her's were not as nice as that pattern. They usually consisted of large Hawaiian like flowers in a WIDE range of colors. My oldest will be a senior in high school. I think I'm ready to move to the retirement home.


  8. Hi Suz, I love it when you talk about your Grandma… I know you must miss her terribly. She was a character, wasn't she????? I always though of muu muu (or moo moo's) as being a very loose fitting dress which you just pull over your head… I even have one of those now.. Comfy leisure wear!!!!!BUT–My Mama always wore those 'house dresses'… Not sure she ever wore slacks… Had a great weekend… Glad you did too.Hugs,Betsy


  9. I think that pattern is for a \”shirt dress,\”–here's my idea of a house dress– do remember the big pocket for the cigarettes–menthol, usually.


  10. That's a pretty sexy house dress pattern! MuuMuus were usually those big baggy things that hid your shape and cooled you off…at least in CA that's what we called them.Loved the old photos…makes me miss my mom!


  11. Since I'm already a grandma, I really need to get that dress pattern! But the truth is, I prefer baggy jeans or shorts, and equally baggy shirts or t's. No cig pocket necessary, but I do need a place for my chapstick…


  12. I love the pics of your sweet G'ma. And I also love the 'vintage' looking pattern. That seems to be more of a house dress to me. In my little corner of the world, a muu-muu is a big shapeless dress. And your pattern is fitted. Much more flattering. : )


  13. hi dear, how cute is your g'ma? all my aunts wore moomoo's so they bring back fond memories. PLUS back in the day, it was a way to save money…………… they could wear one moomoo for 2-3 weeks without getting dressed in other clothing, henceforth therefore saving on laundry soap and keeping the other good clothes for going out. well, thats not true, cuz my aunts wore their moomoo's to the grocery store too!!!! lol


  14. Wherever do you find these idea? About the house-dress pattern, the lines of it are complimentary to many figure types. With the correct material, that style (with some modifications), would still be fashionable today. I have seen the curved lines on some stylish women in our group. However, you don't see it on me. I rarely wear a dress – – – just long pants. It's easier crawling around library shelves in those!


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