The one where I see my ~not so secret~ boyfriend for the thousandth time.

It’s pretty well known that I have a long distance love affair with Dave Matthews. Well, it’s usually long distance except when he’s in our state. Then it’s just a distance love affair minus the LONG.
Dave was on the East coast again and we had plans to see him with our friends.

My husband is the best. He knows about my other boyfriend, but he’s such a strong and confident man, that he’s ok with it. Plus, I know all his passwords and I hold the key to the bank safe deposit box.

It was such a great show! We’ve not been able to attend in a few years, so it was sweet to be reuinited for a night. 
Our faves Kelly and Don have a VIP box and it’s nice to have real seats, food and drink delivery. No crowded riff raff seats for us spoiled people. 
BUT we can still smell ALL the MaryJane. What is it with middle aged people and the pot?

I’m not exagerrating when I say that I woke up  in the middle of the night and all I could smell was POT.  It was imbedded in my nostrils.  I’m sure I’m down several brain cells after every DMB concert we attend. We actually look like we have a contact high in that pic up there.

We brought Callie with us this weekend to Don and Kelly’s and she made herself at home. She took over Milo’s (the cutest boxer boy ever) bed.

Milo didn’t make a fuss…he let the old lady have his bed and he just rested his face on the ottoman. Ya know, sometimes your face gets heavy.

He’s so sweet and funny. He really makes us miss our boxers. *sigh*
Maybe one day.

All in all it was an excellent weekend with excellent people, excellent dogs and some pot.

I hope you had a fun weekend too, whether you were high or not.

7 thoughts on “The one where I see my ~not so secret~ boyfriend for the thousandth time.

  1. I was honestly going to tease you about the 'high' look of you and your peeps in that picture, and then I read your thoughts on the same pic and I laughed. I feel too old to go to a concert anymore, but I might rethink if I was in a box. Of course I also might feel differently if I had a boyfriend in the biz. I do not. Not since Michael Jackson passed. I kid. I do remember how in LOVE my mom was with Elvis. I vividly remember her crying when he died. And love the dog sharing bed pics with the heavy face pic. Hilarious!


  2. We love going to concerts but they are few and far in between. I've heard DMB puts on a great show! We went to Jazz Fest in New Orleans a few years ago to see Pearl Jam. The weed was unbearable for me even though we were outside! It was literally all around us in every direction and I ended up with the WORST headache towards the end.


  3. I was in NYC when Dave Matthews did a free concert in Central Park. I was there alone and I went to the Park alone. I really enjoyed the concert as well as the lingering smell of pot. Seems it's in every outdoor venue. Love the dogs.


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