Ladies telling me how to live my life and making happy plans.

Do you use a Mac? Once you go Mac, you never go back. My Mac laptop has a SIRI button right next to the delete button. I accidentally wake up SIRI several times a day because apparently I delete a lot. She asks what I need and I usually say: I was kidding. And she always responds with: I knew that.


My car has one of those cell phone charging beds in the arm rest. I generally leave my phone charging while going about my life. When I get home or wherever and put my car in park the lady who lives in my car dashboard always tells me in her nicest voice: Your cellular device is still in your vehicle.

Listen lady, I knew that….but really, deep inside, I forgot and I appreciate you helping me. Can we install something that will remind me to bring my shopping list to the grocery store. Or, to say, not forget a sleeping kid in the backseat? Not that I’ve forgotten a child in the car, but I know it happens.

Did I tell you there is gonna be a wedding?

I’m jazzed about it all.

Can we start using the phrase Jazzed more because I really like it.

Last week THE DRESS was purchased. And now, even more good news; after much hemming, hawing, whining and debating, a venue has been decided on. You do know, that I was doing the whining part. I’m a pro. And then, to keep the good momentum going *Cue dramatic wedding background music*: A date has been chosen.

Country dumpster fire be damned, we’re on a planning streak now.

Gosh, I wish The Office was still making new episodes.

Whatcha doing this fine weekend?

Lolo has a birthday next week and since her (online) class schedule is gonna be full, we’re going to get together sometime this weekend for dunch or linner. (early dinner? Late lunch? who knows, we’re wild and crazy lately)

That’s all the nonsense for me. Wishing everyone a great weekend doing whatever it is you do when I’m not around.


15 thoughts on “Ladies telling me how to live my life and making happy plans.

  1. PLEASE tell me that Country dumpster fire is the theme. PLEASE.
    We have a wedding in September and the bride (bless her heart) is still planning as if it is still happening here. I mean, it probably is but we won’t be attending. I just can’t risk it and we aren’t at all related or close friends. I feel like we should bow out and let only close friends and family go because of COVID. It’s just a scary time all around.
    I am so excited for all of you to have something to look forward to though. Happy things are so needed around here.

    I don’t have a Mac but I am afraid of what would happen if I did because of SIRI. I have an Iphone and that lady is ALWAYS in my bidness…..telling me what to do, suggesting routes, etc.. When we had an Amazon Echo, it was freaky. We would be eating dinner and all of a sudden, Alexa would start talking. It’s like having a crazy Aunt Betsy in a back bedroom saying THEY WON’T LET ME OUT! HELP! SEND HELP!

    I’ve said too much.

    Have a good weekend!

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    1. Why yes, Country Dumpster Fire is the theme. Keep it on the DL.
      Yeah, not sure a September wedding will happen this year….that’s so sad.
      We have Alexa at our rental condo and she sometimes thinks I’m talking to her when I’m really talking to myself. You can’t get any peace these days….

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  2. I do not have a mac. I do not have an iphone. We are an android family here. We do have a few Alexas and I think Tank owns the one in the kitchen, He has sent me messages during the school day via Alexa and it has freaked me out. I don’t use her much. I forget that she could play music for me, because you know music playing is not my go to. I think it is because I usually have too many other things to concentrate on, which is why I yell at kids when I am baking: Don’t talk to me, I’m counting. I saw on the news that a baby was responding to the name Alexa instead of her actual name Emily, because apparently the mom was conversing with her Alexa quite often. That cracked me up.

    I know it comes as a real surprise that my offspring make fun of me a lot.

    Super excited about the wedding plans. Woot woot! Can’t wait for more details. Let me know if you need my address so you can send me my invite. 😉

    This weekend: 5 kids caddy in a tournament. Today and Saturday. Ed is hosting 10 high school friends over tonight. Mini is inviting friends over tomorrow night. This is what I get for constantly bugging them to have their friends HERE and not have them just run off. Why can’t our house be the hangout house? Oh, yeah. Weird parents who like to say hi to friends and then there is the trail of crap left by various siblings. And let’s not forget actual overload of family members to embarrass or to speak or to just be seen. It is all so hard to deal with. Anyway, I will be baking cookies and chopping food for my 7 layer taco dip. And probably trying to hide the clutter.

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  3. I’ve never spoken to Siri. She’s around me in my various Apple machines, but I’m too shy to chat it up with her.

    I like the Country Dumpster Fire wedding theme. It’ll ensure no one ever forgets the wedding.

    Happy Weekend, Suz.

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  4. I used a Mac at work and Windows at home. It was very confusing for a while but since I retired I just complain about my old Windows and new Chromebook. Always something not working like I want. Good luck with the wedding, we have one in the works I’ll blog about soon.

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  5. bibliomama2

    I have a Chromebook, an iPad and an iPhone. My son has a MacBook air for college and loves it. So I guess we’re a multi-denominational family. I sat on a friend’s porch watching a thunderstorm on Saturday and Sunday went to a low-key birthday barbecue that I didn’t feel like attending due to general lameness, but it was really lovely and ended with floating around the pool in the dark watching the twinkly lights. Twinkly lights will also be my sole suggestion towards wedding planning. There should be twinkly lights.

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