Omi-Crap; Beware The Breeze

Well, it finally happened. Covid hit our house(s). It started with Linds on NYE She had watched a girlfriends’ baby the Tuesday prior and found out the next day that the baby had Covid. Babies can’t be trusted.

On Monday as the Coach and I were packing up ourselves, preparing to drive from GA to FL we both felt a bit achey and he was complaining of post nasal drip that was causing a bit of an irritated cough. That night, as I tried to sleep, my skin felt like it was on fire and I ached. No fever, just a hot body. Finally A hot body and I didn’t feel well enough to flaunt it, go figure.

The next morning we tested ourselves; I was positive (within 4 minutes of the 15 minute test) and the Coach was negative, but he was having all the symptoms, so we assumed it was a false negative as he’d been in the truck for for 10 hours with my hot body.

We tried our darndest to figure out where we might have got this, but came up blank. For real. My friend Dawn suggested that we might have caught it in a breeze because this version is that contagious.

Tuesday I texted Lolo to see what they were up to and she said: ‘I just went and tested myself for Covid. I feel like garbage.” Actually, she said she felt like Garbo, and I asked if she meant Greta Garbo? She confirmed. She said that 5 people on her shift have been positive in the last week.

I did have some flowers arrive this week, so there’s that.

We’ve had 10 employees out with it and none of them are picking it up at work, it’s all happening outside of work. (weekends, holidays)


Our water guy (yes, I had to call again this week!) was out with Covid. My electrician was just getting over it. EVERYONE HAS IT.

The Coach was feeling achey for several days, and had more upper respiratory, sinus issues than I did. I feel like I have a really bad head cold after the initial achey day, with headaches and occasionally, I’m just plain exhausted.

In a health competition, I’m actually winning right now.

We were lucky enough to get appointments for the Monoclonal Antibody treatment. It’s free and was advised to us by our family Dr. (Our Dr. also advised, rest, fluids, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D)

We had an appointment on Sunday morning. The treatment consisted of four different injections; one in each arm and two in my semi-hot, but fat belly. I was expecting a miracle and that we would sprint out of the office afterwards feeling like a million bucks; it didn’t happen, so that was disappointing.

I think just getting myself ready to leave the house for the injections must have proved to be too much because after we arrived home I was pooped. I thought, I’ll just lay on the couch and take a 20 minute power nap.

Two hours later I woke up not knowing what planet I was living on.

So yay, it worked. 😳

Bandaids for my scrapbook. When I was around 16, I was hanging with a particular group of friends, some of them called me Tweety Bird. Must have been because I was small, thin, had blonde hair and I ate seeds. 😜

Anyhoo. We are getting through it and the worst of it certainly is over. I picked up groceries curbside and other than that we’ve been hunkered down on the property compound. We do consider ourselves very lucky that this was a mild variant and that we were able to take the time to BEE home and away from others while we recovered.

How about you? Has this hit your home, ‘hood, office?

Bee careful out there and stay inside if the wind is blowing.


21 Things That Didn’t Bite in 2021

My blog friend Mark wrote an end of the year post about what was GOOD in 2021. I’ve never wrapped up my year before, but he has inspired me to do so. Plus, I love making lists.

If I were more with it today, the list would be in a better order. I’ll share with you next week how 2022 is starting. Spoiler alert, it’s not that freaking awesome*. (but it will be)

So in no particular order, my good list from that weird year….that second weird year.

  1. LILLIE. Adopting her started our 2021 on a positive note; we adore her!
  2. We had a lovely trip to California where I honed in on my Bee Keeping and learned mastered about Birds Of Prey.
  3. Business is amazing! There is more work that we can keep up with. Although we couldn’t host our much loved company party again this year, the Coach doled out large bonuses and who doesn’t love money?
  4. We enjoyed many visits to our GA house.
  5. Butterflies!
  6. Pool renovation, back of the house/craft room renovation/new deck outdoor area in GA. We don’t shy away from a project.
  7. Healthy family. After I started this list, Linds contracted Covid and was miserable for a few days; she is better now. *I will share more next week.
  8. My Aunt and Uncle found and purchased a home in GA 8 minutes from our house. On that note, we’ve spent more time with them in the past two years than we ever did and that makes me so happy. I know it also makes my Mom happy; I’m assuming she’s reading my blog or attempting to haunt us if she doesn’t have wifi.
  9. We celebrated 30 years of (mostly) marital bliss. The Coach hasn’t wisened up and for that I’m grateful.
  10. My Cuz Patrick was able to spend a week with the Coach and I in GA; and we experienced what the experts called The Brood X Cicada invasion. But I’m still not convinced it wasn’t an alien invasion.
  11. We convinced Lindsay to join the family business and she is doing an amazing job, plus, she’s in a much better mental state than the years prior and THAT is something to be thankful for.
  12. We had an amazing July Fourth week spent with friends.
  13. I’ve been more consistent with my blogging and in turn, you’ve been visiting more often and leaving me sweet notes. I LIVE FOR YOUR COMMENTS. Some of the more fun blog topics this past year had to do with bananas and the coveted box of baby teeth . I can’t believe I’ve not been discovered yet.
  14. We hosted a small and fun surprise Co-Ed Shower for Lolo and Nathan.
  15. The WEDDING!
  16. I have a son and didn’t gain more stretch marks.
  17. Callie has made it another year. In February of 2020, the Vet said she had 2 weeks to 2 months.
  18. I turned 54 this year. I know, for most people that isn’t a big deal, but for me it is. Some people dread getting older, but it is a privilege that not everyone is given and I’m here for it.
  19. We were able to see Live Music again while in California.
  20. I was able to have more phone calls/text messages with fiends this past year because we all had a little bit more time.
  21. No hurricanes in our neck of the woods.

In the midst of all the crap, life is still beautiful.

Share with me ONE thing that was good in your 2021.


Your friend Suz

A Dry Christmas, A Wet New Year And Factoring In Windshields

The Monday before Christmas I shared my day from hell with you and part of that day from hell was because we had no running water. Luckily it was repaired that day and life went on.

Sadly, around the time Santa made his way to Florida Christmas Eve (four am) we had a real water issue. Something on the system/tank/reverse osmosis, broke and all our nice, clean water was spewing out onto the house and lawn. I’m sure you’re saying to yourself: Of course you had water issues on Christmas.

The Coach told me not to, but I called our water people at 10 am on Christmas morning; they do have an emergency number. Our water guy contacted me and arrived at our house around 2 pm. He repaired the issue and I gave him a newly printed $100 bill for his trouble.

At 3:45, the part he repaired blew out and we were in the same predicament, minus $100. He returned and this time replaced the pump. We were good to go. You never realize how many times you use the faucet or flush the toilet until you can’t.

Photos of happy people who had water flowing whenever they needed before our blow-out:

Lolo and Nathan making rosettes out of the dinner napkins. Lauren’s shirt says: “I cry a lot.” She said it’s a true statement (she does not care for her job) and I said I need that shirt for myself, although I like my current position.
Miss Lillie Clause

We lugged Orange Home Depot 5 gallon buckets, filled from the pool (that water still wasn’t clean enough to go in) and used those to fill the toilet tanks so you can flush.

Merry Christmas-Shitters full!

Just kidding, our septic tank is working properly. *crossing all my fingers*

Another interesting day of Christmas: I gave Lolo a haircut. In the driveway.

It’s as though I want the neighbors to talk crap about us.


After we celebrated Lindsay’s birthday, The Coach and I drove to GA to ring in the New Year.

I think the sun poked out for about 2 hours in 7 days. We basically left sunshine for rain and fog because we’re ass backwards.

Alas, on Monday we had a ThunderSnow storm in the middle of the night. I’m sure some of you felt it as well. I could not sleep; the wind was howling, things were hitting the deck and the side of the house, I was awake more than I was asleep. Always chipper in the morning, Coach asked me at 7:00 am if I wanted to get up and see the snow and ice before it melted.

ME feeling less than chipper: NO, I didn’t get to sleep until 3:45 am.

At 8 am I could hear chainsaws clearing fallen trees from the road, so I finally get my tired butt get up; the snow/ice is still here with intentions of lingering. It took a lot of finagling to get Callie to leave the comfort of her bed. (was 30* but felt like 19* with the windchill)

Fun fact: 40MPH winds and the Hanging Chad Branch IS still there.

Another FUN fact: last year I learned that a dear friend of mine thought the phrase Windchill Factor was actually Windshield Factor. As in HOW COLD IS THE WINDSHIElD? She’s so pretty.

Ladi, we stay wher ar bones r warm

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, because we still had a great Christmas and New Year; we were together and we were all healthy. (one of us, not so much now, but is on the mend) Oh, and I only fell once on this trip to GA! There’s that.

I’m going to focus on counting ALL of my blessings this year and that includes all of YOU.

Signed, Your friend Suz who will try to see the glass (and water reservoir) as always half full! How’s your Windshield Factor?

Happy 2022