If I’m getting on your last nerve, why didn’t you tell me that 3 nerves ago?

I’ve come to my blog about 4 times since my last post ready to share something…then I said Meh. 
I think a break from electronics is good. Facebook gets on my nerves. Instagram gets on my nerves. Pinterest gets on my…..oh, wait. Pinterest never gets on my nerves. 
What the hey was I thinking? 
I did find this photo from last weekend and it made me smile. Smiling is the opposite of meh.
 That little boy loves his wheels.
And on the critter front…..
One day last week it was cloudy and gray when I left the house. Thundershowers were in the forecast, so I took preventive measures and suited the dogs in their thunder shirts.

It never did rain, and when I returned home, they were ready for some sunshine. They walked to the nearest patch of grass and plopped down. Exhausted. Thank goodness our neighbors weren’t around. I  have a fashion reputation to keep up. 
I do believe Cocoa is saying Meh. She has recently given up both facebook and instagram. 
 However, she refuses to give up words with friends.
It’s Tuesday. I’m spending time with a sweet friend; mexican food for both of us and a Dr visit for her.
I know the mexican food and time together will bring us joy and laughter; praying the Dr. brings relief for her. She needs it.
No Mehs allowed. 


18 thoughts on “If I’m getting on your last nerve, why didn’t you tell me that 3 nerves ago?

  1. Hi Suzanne, Hope your sweet friend will be okay–and will get some relief. Mexican food and being with a wonderful person like you has to be a CURE-ALL.I think we all go through times when we are tired of some of the things we do regularly… Time for a BREAK I guess!!!Hugs,Betsy


  2. Thunder shirts? Must be kind of like a flak jacket…The car pic reminds me of my grandsons, who are all wheel crazy.I get the \”meh\” attitude about blogging sometimes. Probably best to just take a break.


  3. Anonymous

    Just the mere mention of Mexican food makes me long for a great burrito… not an East coast one though, one from Arizona. It's a long way to go for a burrito urge though. Meh… guess I'll have a donut instead.


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