My New Best Friend & My New Tasting Room. Hey, It’s All About Appliances!

A while back, I’d ordered some puppy stuff from to be delivered in Georgia for Peanut. The Fed-ex guy dropped the box off at the door, and before he could hop back in his truck, I ran out the door to shout Thanks! He was surprised to see me home and, without stopping for a beat, asked me: 

Hey, do you have an ice machine? 

I replied yes, and wanted to also boast about my dishwasher and oven, but he immediately grabbed an empty Big Gulp from his cupholder, handed it to me (with the straw and lid still attached), and asked if I could fill his cup with ice. 

*Suz looks around to see if she’s on a hidden camera show* 

It dawned on me then that I’d read on the ‘hood Facebook group that John, our Fed-Ex guy was a beloved staple, so I asked him to come in while I got his ice. 

He entered the foyer and spoke to both dogs; we chatted across the room while I filled up his cup.

I handed him my precious ice filled cup, he thoroughly thanked me, wished me a great day, and departed for his truck. I’m pretty sure he was heading to the neighbor’s house for a ham sandwich. 

gratuitous photo of Peanut for our Christmas card photo. By the way, that IS her face. 24/7.


Who doesn’t want to combine laundry time with wine time? 

Ernie, you’ll appreciate this appliance part of my post. 

We have fridge space issues at our GA house. We dislike the kitchen fridge; it’s so inefficient space-wise.

My biggest complaint is that I never have space for my white wine. I really needed (ok, wanted) a designated Wine cooler. But, where do I put one? No space was available in the kitchen, mudroom, or pantry. I could easily fit one downstairs on the terrace level, but that was inconvenient for me and we all know I don’t want to be inconvenienced. For a minute I thought about putting one in our home office, just off the bedroom. That would have been very convenient for breakfast mimosas, but let’s be real, it’s too far for happy hour.

I didn’t need a large cooler, just big enough to keep a few bottles cold. You know, for say Tuesday night.


Let me introduce you to my new Tasting Room. Would you like a crisp rose’, a Sauvignon Blanc or perhaps some Tide Pods?

I’m kidding I don’t have Tide Pods, they’re too tempting!

I found this skinny wine fridge online, ordered it from (where I’ve bought fans, plumbing & lighting fixtures) on Sunday, and it arrived on Tuesday. OF THE SAME WEEK. It holds seven bottles and is only 6″ wide. It’s like my laundry room was waiting for it!

Raise your hand if you’d like to come over and work on some stain treatments AND a glass of vino!

Am I the only one who has invited their delivery guy INTO their home? Am I crazy-crazy or crazy good?


32 thoughts on “My New Best Friend & My New Tasting Room. Hey, It’s All About Appliances!

  1. You’re my hero. Wine in the laundry room is simply brilliant. And while I’ve never had the Fed Ex guy in for ice, I’ve given the UPS guy a man cave tour and pumped up the postman’s flat tire. Does that count?
    Love the Peanut pic. What a face!

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  2. LOLOLOLOLOMG SUZ. You are so fun. Why aren’t we neighbours? As I was reading about the Big Gulp and ice, I thought…is this what it’s like in the South? It’s a magical place of hospitality. And then I thought…would Suz NOTICE if I stealthily moved in? Because I feel like we could really hang out. I mean, folding laundry and just pouring yourself a glass of wine…seems like it would make laundry a lot more fun.

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    1. If we were neighbors, too many shenanigans might be happening; the husbands wouldn’t stand for it. 😜

      The South is kind of magical, until you invite a serial killer inside. I felt certain that John was not a killer.


  3. Me! I am raising my hand! I love your little space saving wine fridge — very cute! And the interaction with the FedEx guy is a little odd, but lovely. I wish I were on an ice-sharing basis with my delivery people. (My parents definitely are with theirs.)

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  4. Peanut is one serious looking puppy. Life is not be enjoyed, but observed, and then critiqued? I do like her. I also like that skinny wine fridge. I’ve not seen any like that… but now that I have I might *need* one.

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    1. Ally, she always looks serious; I call it Resting Bitch Face.

      The wine fridge is just what I needed. Don’t you love when you find something that you didn’t know existed but served your purpose perfectly?

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  5. I love that slim little wine fridge. Thanks for the link. Like you, all I really want is a smallish one to keep a few bottles of whites at the ready. There are some that I like colder than cellar temp, like sauv blanc, riesling, and the occasional pinot grigio or rose.

    I miss our former UPS guy who had the route when the kids were little. He was genial and had a great smile. The kids liked him because, in their words, “he walked like a cowboy.” (True enough, he was rather bowlegged.)

    Peanut has a very Eastern European air about her. I saw the same expression on a few of my aunts.

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    1. This one goes as low as 40 and as high as 65 degrees…I suppose for someone who used it for reds. But 40 degrees is good for whites; I like mine VERY cold.

      Your old UPS Cowboy sounds great!

      Peanut has permanent Resting Bitch Face. Not that I’m saying that about your Aunts…


  6. Bijoux

    That is one skinny wine fridge! I actually don’t mind doing laundry, but a glass of vino sounds refreshing while battling stains. I can’t say I’d invite a delivery person inside, although when we get wine deliveries, they will be so kind as to set the case inside while I hold the door.

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  7. Pat Birnie

    Sounds like you have a lot of takers here! Count me in as well. I’d be so happy to fold laundry for you if it was accompanied by a little vino. Or even if it wasn’t as I think you sound like the most fun person ever! What a perfect little cooler that is. I am pretty trusting and definitely have invited strangers in for a glass of water –those annoying door to door people that I feel so sorry for. They get rejected over and over — I may be saying no, but I can bring them in from the cold or heat for a wee moment.

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    1. Pat, you might be the most excellent person. I’m a lot of fun and kind, but not sure I’d invite a salesperson in for fear that they’d never leave. 😜

      I’ll let my laundry pile up in preparation for your arrival; the wine fridge will be full!


  8. If I knew I could have a drink every time I did laundry, well let’s just say I would be tipsy and happy. Not sure if the clean clothes would end up in the right baskets though. I would NEVER EVER invite someone into my home because I am from the Northeast and we don’t trust anyone. I love that you did it!

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  9. I’m with Nicole here. This is some next-level hospitality in the South, right? I would definitely give the guy some ice (if I had an ice maker, which I don’t because 3/4 of our freezer is filled with ice cube trays because a girl has to have some priorities), but he wouldn’t be allowed past our front porch. Also, he wouldn’t be able to chat with our dog because she’d be trying to murder him. Man, the South is like a different world.

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    1. Us Southerners are a friendly bunch! Plus, I knew he’d been a staple in our neighborhood for at least a decade. No one can fake being sane that long, right?


  10. Day made. The fact that my put-an-appliance-in-a-unique-location is catching on has given me the boost I needed today. So funny. If I drank wine regularly enough, I think I’d toss one of those in the dining room next to the partially-dead, but useful enough fridge.

    I have a cabinet in my laundry room that is dedicated to Irish dancing gear, so NO LONGER NEEDED. I’m trying to calculate how dangerous it would be for me to start stocking wine in there.

    Peanut is so cute. How do you keep from rubbing those ears all day long? That is one darling photo.

    We are really tight with Bob our mailman. We were on his route at our first house and after a few years he ended up landing on the route at our current house. He often references memories of Lad and Ed from their toddler years. Not sure he’s ever been inside the house, but I wouldn’t hesitate to invite him in. He does enjoy my fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

    I laughed at your guy heading next door for a sandwich.

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    1. It was so funny, and it happened so fast, that I’d hardly realized what transpired until he was on his way.

      Your weird appliance placement is TRENDING!

      Bob sounds like a great guy too!


  11. So many great things in your post! Your dog’s face…. Perfect for captions or speech bubbles. The fact that I literally imagined the ham sandwich the delivery guy was potentially going to eat further down the street. And the skinny wine fridge. My thoughts were, what if her washer starts to thrash around violently when she has an imbalanced load of towels and it smacks against her nice new wine fridge?? But yes, I would join you in your laundry room for a glass, but I drink red wine, however I’ve been known to put red wine in the fridge in the summer time, or even put ice in it because that’s just how classy I am! – Jenn

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