The One Where I Tell You Everything I’ve Seen Lately

This is a list I compiled a while ago and just kept adding to it. I often run out of shows to enjoy and I love it when others share what they are enjoying on ye ole boob tube.

My TV watching interest is varied. I can soak up a nature documentary (remember how much I loved The Octopus Teacher? I still give that one 2 tenacles UP.) Or I can casually enjoy some trashy Real Housewives.

Ok, I really like the Housewives franchise. There, I said it. MY name is Suzanne and I’m a Bravoholic!

{FYI: While I was writing this one or two shows came to mind and they immediately left my mind before I could stop writing and add them. Is there a magic pill to remedy that sort of thing?}

Some options other than Bravo Reality.

The Starling (Netflix) LOVE

I watched this with a girlfriend a few months ago and we both enjoyed it. It’s about loss and how we all deal with it differently; there are some tears and there are also some smiles. Twas a good show.

Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me. (Discovery Plus? I can’t remember!) LOVE

This documentary is about a biologist couple who live in Russia and they dedicate all of their time to raising orphaned grizzly bears. The babies are orphaned because of you.know.who. {humans} If the babies are left on their own, they will not survive. They would starve and not learn how to be bears in the wild as they learn everything from their mamas. It was really interesting how they raise and teach them all the things Mama bear would teach them while NOT letting them interact too much with humans which would ruin their chances in the wild.

I declared at least 14 times while watching this that I wanted a baby grizzly bear. There’s only two episodes, but it was eye-opening and had a sweet ending.

Lillie got a lot of exercise jumping and barking at the TV and here she is resting after her workout of trying to attack bears on TV. Lillie gave it one and a half ears and four paws UP.


{Child of Deaf Adults} The Coach and I watched this a few months ago. We both found it to be a very touching story; kind of emotional, but with a happy ending and we all love a happy ending. Right?

Maid (Netflix) LOVE

I kept seeing advertisements for it on Netflix, but it just didn’t seem like something I wanted to see. But over Thanksgiving vacation Linds and I started it and then I couldn’t stop. It’s about a young Mom in a terrible living situation and how she fights her way out of it. This sweet girl doesn’t have it easy and is hit with issue after issue with none of them really being her fault. You will cheer for her and possibly shed a tear for her; I highly recommend it.

Emily In Paris (Netflix)

Young and obsessed with all things French, Emily moves to Paris to work in Fashion & marketing. From what I remember, I loved the first season. I’m having a hard time getting into the second season and I might not even finish it. Maybe I’ve grown as a person since the first season? Nahh…that couldn’t happen.

Succession on HBO. LOVE

I started this years ago and was hooked. The third season just finished and it left me with my jaw dropped. Dysfunctional family dynamics, politics, money, greed and deceit. It’s such a departure from my real life, so I’m here for all of it.

Cheer (Netflix) LOVE

“This gripping docuseries follows the ups and downs of Navarro College’s competitive cheersquad as they work to win a coveted national title.”

I have to admit that I watched the first episode of this series when it first came out, wasn’t a huge fan, so I quit. About 6 months later, I saw it advertised again on Netflix and I put it on for ‘background’ while I did some stuff around the house. That’s all it took. I think that is how people start heroin; I was hooked. The first season was amazing and you’ll be cheering for the cheerleaders by the end as most of them don’t come from the best upbringing/family life. The second season is a bit broader than this particular squad, also sexual & drug abuse is brought into the spotlight as well. Overall, it was a great series. Considering I’ve never been a cheerleader or even a part of the cheerleading world, I found it very interesting.

Pieces Of Her (Netflix) LOVE

It started out innocent enough; mother and daughter in a kind of strained relationship. Then the lies. Deceit. Lies. FBI. More lies. A little murder. More lies. Violence. Possible sex scene. Possible murder. Lies. Lies.

I had whiplash from all the twists and turns and had to wear one of those awkward neck braces for a week.

Toni Collette plays the main character and she was amazing; an all around great whodunnit series.

I highly recommend this one if you can handle some violence.

Reacher (Amazon-Prime)

Coach wanted me to watch this with him and while I kind of enjoy it (the main character is easy on the eyes) it’s more action and less reality than I enjoy. {Imagine me saying several times each episode: That would never happen} We’ve not finished it yet, but it’s one That we could watch together.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV) LOVE

If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso yet, you are missing out on some honest-to-good fun. It’s a sports themed series, but the sport aspect has little to do with the show; it’s full of fun and interesting characters with hilarious one-liners. I live for a one-liner! Although there was one episode in the second season that had us scratching our heads and wondering if the writers were high on ecstasy, but other than that, we both really loved it. (if you watched it, you’ll agree with me on the Christmas episode)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon-Prime) LOVE

How does one even describe this show? Ahhhhmmmmazzzing? Yes. Mahhhhhvelous? YES.

Set in the 50’s, Miriam has the perfect life: married, children, a beautiful apartment in New York’s upper west side when she realizes she’s funny as all get out and can outperform her (side hustle) comedian husband. This show is full of laughs from the comic herself, but her family is so funny and they don’t even try. Other aspects that are great about this show are the fashion and home decor; the clothing and background decor: To Die For amazing. I’m still working through the fourth season and I still love the series.

The Woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window (Netflix)

I thought this was going to be a good series, mostly because I love Kristen Bell. This show confused me. Was it serious? Was it trying to be funny? A parody? I found it a waste of my time and I’d wished for my time back after finishing it. I kept thinking it would eventually make sense. It wasn’t my type of comedy.

I just started watching Severance on Apple TV, so I can’t really give a proper review yet. But I will say that if you like far-out-there-weird-please-don’t-let-this-happen-in-the-future kind of shows, this is the series for you.

So, spill the beans: Have you watched any of these? Do you love the shows that I love? Anything you loved lately that I didn’t mention?

Are we still fiends since I enjoy The Real Housewives of Anywhere?


Photos borrowed from here , here, here and here.

52 thoughts on “The One Where I Tell You Everything I’ve Seen Lately

  1. I recently binge watched Mrs. Maisel and am totally hooked. Don’t have Netflix, but I love Succession. Just subscribed to Appletv so I’ll be starting Ted Lasso and the Morning Show soon. I’m a series junkie and am usually following ten at once.

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  2. I loved “The Starling” too. I added “Maid” to my list and will give “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” a try. I was a big fan “Vikings” (History Channel) and have just finished “Vikings: Valhalla” (Netflix), set 100 years later. It’s almost as good but I miss Ragnar’s curiosity and the complexity of the relationships between the characters in the original.

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    1. You will love Mrs. Maisel!
      I’ve not heard of the Vikings but I do enjoy getting my history through a TV series or movie. I’ll have to see if we still have The History channel since we cut the cord and are only streaming now.; I’m still trying to figure out what stations we have.

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      1. I don’t think Vikings is on the History Channel anymore. I found this online: “If you would like to watch or rewatch the Vikings series, you can find all 89 episodes on Prime Video or Hulu. It has been announced that the show will eventually come to Netflix, but not until at least 2024.”

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  3. I haven’t watched any of these, but “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” has been to my “to watch” list forever! I will get around to watching it someday! I watch a lot of Canadian TV shows and Food Network cooking competition shows. On streaming services, the last miniseries I watched was “Pam and Tommy” — outstanding! A valuable examination of consent and exploitation. Plus a lot of sex scenes! Highly recommended.

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  4. I just watched the first episode of Inventing Anna and was hooked! I also love me some trashy reality tv, you must watch the Bachelor and Kardashians already. And Schitt’s Creek is like the best. We are watching Seinfeld episodes because I missed them when they aired…maybe I was too young or too busy? Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm are some of my fave series, so it’s satisfying that loss.

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    1. Yes! I started Inventing Anna too; I think I’m on the second episode. It seems good, but her accent kind of makes me nuts.
      I only watched The Bachelor the first few seasons and then I was all ‘meh’ about it.
      Kardashians? Who are they? 😜
      Seinfeld IS ALWAYS GOOD.
      I loved Curb Your Enthusiasm so much; I wish it would continue on. Larry David is a genius.


  5. Look at me, back to paying attention to things instead of being in a fog like I was last week (shudder) . . . I appreciate this post, because we don’t watch ANYTHING. I know, I know (raises hand, asks for suggestions) HI MY NAME IS ERNIE AND I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED TO BASKETBALL GAMES AND I FORGOT WHAT TV EVEN IS.

    I really want to watch Ted Lasso. We have YouTube TV and Prime and Netflix. Remember how hard it was to get Netflix, or You Tube? Sigh. I tried to rent CODA at the library but they didn’t have it. I hope to watch more of these, but don’t yet have ALL the streaming services. I did read a book called ‘Maid’ and I believe the show is based on the book. The book was very good. I’m making a mental note about Maisel and Starling because I think I can access those. I just HEARD about Pieces of Her and I hope to watch that too. Basketball is over, sort of – travel ball is going to become busy soon. Weeknights I just drive to basketball, not watch it. See, I’m limited in my viewing times. Hmpf.

    I haven’t watched the Real Housewives from anywhere, but I too like nonsense TV at times and then an eye opening documentary other times, so no judgement here.

    I laughed at “I think that is how people start heroin.” Hee hee.

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    1. You are always so busy AND you have young kids in the house; therefore your tv viewing is limited. I get it. Basketball IS life for the shenanigans. Oh, and Dance. 😉


  6. Bijoux

    Girl, I’m a total Bravoholic! I absolutely LOVE RHOSLC and I loved Dallas, so bummed that it’s discontinued. I used to watch them all, but some of the newer cast turned me off so much I quit watching. Other faves are Below Deck, Southern Charm, and Vanderpump Rules. And here’s one . . . I’m a superfan of MTV’s The Challenge. Like, obsessed! My viewing habits are a bit immature, I suppose. Non-Bravo shows I have liked are Superstore and Grownish.

    I’ve been wanting to try that Marvelous Mrs. Maisel show, but I’m not on Amazon prime. I’ll have to see if I can get it on something else.

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    1. I’m learning so much about my blog friends with this post. I never would have guessed you liked all those bravo shows. I hated the first season of RHOSLC; it felt so contrived and I still can’t stand that Mary Cosby chick; she’s a loon. I loved Dallas too; not sure what the heck happened there. I finally quit the Atlanta and Potomac ladies because they get so physical and I’m not there for that; keep your hands to yourselves. Even RHOSLC were throwing drinks this year; What’s happening to women?

      Southern Charm is great. The Coach actually watches Below Deck with me (his only reality show) because he says one day we will take one of those yacht trips. LOL!

      I’ve never heard of The Challenge, you have me intrigued.


      1. Bijoux

        Well, if you ever watched the Real World or Road Rules, it morphed from that. I like it because cast members come back on different seasons, so I always know some of the people. All Stars now has people from 20 years ago, so that’s a blast from the past. They always film in exotic locations like Turkey or Iceland.

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  7. The only one of those that I’ve seen is Mrs. Maisel, and I stopped after a few episodes. It wasn’t compelling for me. Loved the fashion and interiors, though.

    We are hooked on A Million Little Things, via Hulu. Also The Gilded Age, via HBO Max. Previously, we were addicted to Versailles on Netflix. That show had everything we loved: romance, betrayal, history, fashion, gorgeous interiors, intrigue, and for Rick, enough sex and violence to balance out the slower pace sometimes. Sometimes, we indulge in junk tv and wallow in episodes of Hoarders, Hoarding Buried Alive, or My 600 Lb. Life on Discovery+. I miss our months of watching ER–that show was terrific.

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    1. I thought about A Million Little Things after I shared this post: I too love that show. And that one reminds me of another favorite: This Is Us. Please tell me you’re watching this as well; I think it has possibly the best writing I’ve ever seen on regular TV.

      I’ve seen the Gilded Age advertised and I’m glad to hear you like it; I’ll add it to my list. Versailles? Adding that one as well. Laughing that it had a nice mix and enough sex and violence for Rick. Men!

      I can get sucked into My 600lb life and get buried in episodes of Hoarders too. (see what I did there?)
      Discover + has great options!


      1. Yes, we watch This Is Us. It does a terrific job with so many interwoven storylines. I like that when it adds a character, it isn’t because the writers didn’t know what else to do to keep the story fresh. Everyone has a reason to be there.

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  8. Some great suggestions here – thanks Suz! I love Ted Lasso and Mrs. Maisel too (although *SPOILER ALERT* I kinda lost some of that Maisel love when she outed you-know-who – I still haven’t forgiven her for that stupidity).
    I got hooked on Cheer as well…I was gutted when I found out the truth about one of my Season 1 favourites in Season 2. GUTTED. Still am.
    I’ve heard good things about Succession from other people and now you. I think I might have to start this one.
    I just watched The Andy Warhol Diaries on Netflix – fascinating! And Get Back (Beatles doc) on Apple+ was absolutely amazing.


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    1. Yes, I had rewatched that episode before starting this new season and my heart hurt all over again. I know she just didn’t know when to shut up and it hurt him in the end. *sigh*

      I agree with you on Cheer too. I was so dishearted to read about the bad stuff that went down; it goes to show you just never know a person…especially someone on TV.

      I glanced at the Andy Warhol one. Glad to know you liked it, I’ll add it to my list! Yes to the Beatles!

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  9. netgohlgmailcom

    I loved MAID! Did you know that is really Andi McDowell’ daughter! She is a wonderful actress! I just started the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel. So far so good! I used to watch all of the Real Housewives shows and just lost interest! Lately I’ve been watching Chrisley Knows Best on Peacock. It’s a cute funny show to watch while I’m on my treadmill!

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    1. No. I had no idea that was Andi’s daughter. BTW: Andi’s character made me bananas. What the hell mom!
      Is the Chrisley family still filming? I watched them years ago and then kind of fell out of the habit I suppose. They are funny.


  10. We have very similar viewing habits. Watched Maid (enjoyed it), watched Cheer (Season 1 was better, IMO), Pieces of Her and Ted Lasso on my “to watch” list, currently watching Reacher. I also watch a few of the Housewives franchises, but I can’t get into the newer ones (Cheshire and Durbin), for some reason.

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    1. Maid was great; I just found out from another blogger that the main character is actually Andie McDowell’s daughter. I had no idea.
      I’ve never watched any of the British Housewive shows before. Wait, I’ve only watched the ones filmed in the US. Not sure where I could even catch the other ones.

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  11. You and I have a lot in common.
    I’m disappointed that I don’t have Apple TV just for Ted Lasso. But we refuse to add YET ANOTHER streaming service. It has more to do with capitalism than with money.
    There’s so much fantastic programming and so little time…

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    1. I get it with all the streaming subscriptions. We ditched Direct TV this year after having it for 30 years to save money and although we are still saving, we ended up with more subscriptions than we planned on. You have to draw the line somewhere.

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  12. The only one I’ve seen on your list is the one you thought was a waste of time. I’ve seen a few episodes of Mrs. Maisel and know of Emily in Paris. I don’t watch much TV and usually watch what’s on Acorn. Have you seen The Murdoch Mysteries? We love them, oh yes we do.

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  13. Ha..the only thing we have watched is The Amazing Race. I had never watched it before but wanted to see it this season because I really like The Holderness Family. So that was a super fun watch. Also When Calls the Heart is on now on Hallmark. That’s about the only thing I watch on there. A period drama. Other than that, its silly stuff on you tube and old things on Discovery Plus. I’m not very exciting in the tv watching department. I’ve also been watching That Girl on the Roku channel. I loved that show when I was young. Marlo Thomas was such a cute spunky thing, when it will still in vogue on tv to be innocent. It always cracks me up that if they had had cell phones, there would be no plot. One text and this is all dealt with. Funny.

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    1. I used to love The Amazing Race. I hardly watch ‘regular’ programming anymore so those types of shows go unnoticed for me. My girls and I used to joke that we’d love to do that show, but I know how I am, as soon as I’m hungry and can’t get a snack it would ALL be over. HA

      Yes, so much has changed since That Girl. Everyone and everything was much more innocent.


  14. I love Mrs Maisel, I was late to the party the series started in 2017 but we just finished the last episode (season 4) a couple nights ago. I also loved Emily in Paris, give it another chance. My daughter was hesitant after the first 2 episodes then she started to like it a lot.

    Sorry I have nothing else to share at the moment. I started ‘Being the Ricardos’ but didn’t like it.

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  15. Ted Lasso is one of our favorites, when’s the next season coming out? 🙂

    Mrs. Maisel is … Marvelous 😀 The creator/writer (and her husband) also created/wrote Gilmore Girls, and they share the same fast-paced dialog, eclectic collection of unique characters, and even several of the same actors. Have you seen it? I saw it pop up on Netflix.

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    1. I don’t know if they can get Ted Lasso episodes out fast enough; what a great show.

      I didn’t know about the connection between the writer of Mrs. Maisel and Gilmore Girls. I never watched Gilmore girls when it first came out, but thanks to Kari (A Graceful Life) I started watching it during the pandemic and loved it! Such a great show.

      Wasn’t Everybody Loves Raymond a great show? Pretty much sums up marriage and family dynamics.

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      1. Indeed! Another show by the creator of Mrs. Maisel and Gilmore Girls is Bunheads, with the same snappy dialog, worth watching even if you don’t like ballet, just like Ted Lasso is worth watching even if you don’t like soccer 🙂

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  16. I haven’t watched a lot of television (or streams, or whatever) lately. I watched maybe two seasons Marvelous Ms. Maisel a couple of years ago and then somehow never got back to it even though I enjoyed it. Outlander probably got in the way. Or The Walking Dead. Who knows? I’m more of a “if I’m going to watch this, I want to go from the beginning to the end with no breaks in between” kind of person. Why? Because I will lose the thread and then have to go back to the beginning anyway, if the time is long between seasons.

    Which explains why I’ve now watched The Walking Dead at least twice and will probably have to re-watch it again when the next season drops on Netflix. (WHY am I like this?! It’s maddening.)

    I enjoyed the Maid – but it broke my heart because you just know these types of situations are playing out every single day to multiple women.

    The Woman in House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window – was supposed to be a dark comedy, I think. I watched it. It was okay but it just never “clicked” for me.

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    1. I used to watch all of the walking dead franchises, but somehow got behind and then I just forgot about them. So, apparently, I’m missing out on some good zombie TV.

      Yes, you know things are happening out there to women every day just as it did for the character in Maid. Very sad indeed.


  17. nicoleboyhouse

    I loved Ted Lasso! What a great show that is, can’t wait for the next season. My husband and I watched Succession, which – EVERYONE IS TERRIBLE ON THAT SHOW. I read the book Maid, but I don’t think I’ll watch the show.

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  18. You have given us a great list of things to watch. I have to say that for one or two seasons, I did watch Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. It wore me out emotionally and physically watching them compete for a spot on the team. There is so much work involved.
    I would love the one about the baby grizzly bears.
    We have some regular sitcoms we watch as well as The Five each night. And the Hallmark movies are always great for a happy ending to any problem in the character’s fantasy lives and easy entertainment when ironing clothes. Right now I am watching some Classic movies off DirecTV’s 566. I had never seen The Greatest Show on Earth and rewatched The Miracle Worker.

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    1. Sorry, but I had a nice giggle about the Dallas Cheerleaders wearing you out physically and mentally….mostly because I totally get that! You do get interested in these athletes and you feel for them.

      Classic movies are always great; so much has changed I remember the Miracle Worker, which was such a touching story.


  19. Can’t believe this, but I haven’t seen a single one of these shows! Though, you know, I could probably get into “Cheer.”

    As for baby grizzly bears, NO THANKS. They grow up into adult grizzly bears, and nothing good can come of that.

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  20. Beth (A Mom's LIfe)

    I just recently binged season 2 of Love is Blind. So much better (and different) than the Bachelor. I watched season 1 in 2020 and have been patiently waiting for season 2 and was not disappointed! Would love to watch Ted Lasso but we don’t have Apple TV. Thinking maybe we should invest but we have cable, Prime, and Netflix and it just seems like so much $$$$.

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  21. bibliomama2

    I love The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Ted Lasso (I even loved the episode everyone hated). Succession I haven’t watched because although I usually like dark and twisted shows, right now I’m shying away from anything that shows people being shitty to each other. I rewatched Modern Family and it felt medicinal, and I was bereft when it was over. I was saving Coda to watch with my daughter and then she rudely fucked off to university for the year, so I either have to watch it myself or wait a few weeks until she’s home again. I love Marlee Matlin. I just watched The Tourist on Amazon Prime – Jamie Dornan (from 50 shades of grey) is the eye candy, but Danielle McDonald acts circles around him and I love her.

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